40 27 'I'm a Slave For You', Britney Spears 20 2
39 34 'Lovely', Bubba Sparxxx 3 34
38 NEW 'The Distance', Evan and Jaron 1 38
37 NEW 'Always On Time', Ja Rule 1 37
36 NEW 'Escape', Enrique Eglisias 1 36
35 NEW 'The World's Greatest', R Kelly 1 35
34 37 'Have You Ever', S Club 7 2 34
33 35 'Still', Brian Mcnight 2 33
32 32 'Welcome To Atlanta', Jermaine Dupri f. Ludacris 3 32
31 33 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carleton 2 31
30 31 'Son of a Gun', Janet Jackson 16 6
29 24 'Get The Part Started', Pink 15 4
28 28 'Girlfriend', 'N-Sync 3 28
27 21 'How You Remind Me', Nickelback 17 3
26 29 'Perfect', Maren Ord 5 26
25 30 'Superman', Five For Fighting 2 25
24 26 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling 5 24
23 25 'Sleepless', Wave 8 23
22 22 'Fuel Injected', Swollen Members 10 22
21 23 'Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman', Britney Spears 7 21
20 15 'My Sacrifice', Creed 17 1
19 9 'Girls Girls Girls', Jay-Z feat. Slick Rick 13 4
18 6 'Butterflies', Michael Jackson 12 6
17 20 'Blurry', Puddle of Mud 7 17
16 19 'Too Bad', Nickelback 7 16
15 16 'Have a Nice Day', Stereophonics 8 15
14 18 'Hey Baby', No Doubt 14 8
13 17 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', Leann Rimes 8 13
12 12 'Standing Still', Jewel 20 1
11 14 'Cry', Mandy Moore 6 11
10 13 'A Woman's Worth', Alicia Keys 8 10
9 5 'Don't Stop Moving', S Club 7 14 5
8 10 'No More Drama', Mary J Blige 9 8
7 11 'Ain't It Funny?', Jennifer Lopez 13 7
6 4 'Caramel', City High 22 2
5 7 'Everybody's Got a Story', Amanda Marshall 10 5
4 8 'U Got It Bad', Usher 9 4
3 3 'Hands Clean', Alanis Morissette 5 1
2 2 'In The End', Linkin Park 16 2
1 1 'Wherever, Whenever', Shakira 9 1

The Commentary

Basically, we have the same top 3 as last week. Sharkira #1, Linkin Park #2, Alanis #3. What is there to be said that hasn't already about Shakira. She looks amazing, she dances well... and the song is great! Well, there is one thing I never said about her video for "Whenever, Wherever", the backdrops in the video look oh-so fake! Ok, I know most video's today use fake backgrounds too, but this one is just so... unreal! It's just a picture of mountains in the back.. but you can see the seam where the picture ends on the ground. Plus the sun is just a big spotlight! It's painfully obvious! Anybody could have done a better job with the video; I could have done better! I would have charged the record label less money too, to make the video! Ah well... If there's any singer reading Rob's Top 40 on Geocities right now, contact me! I'll make a video for you. I'll give you a 10% discount too. Enough of that... Linkin Park have been going up and down the chart for 4 months now and I'm still not sick of it, whatsoever. I can still listen to it time and time again. It's such a cool song. Alanis Morissette's first single from her forthcoming album entitled "Under Rug Swept" is called "Hands Clean" and it's a smash everywhere... well, almost everywhere! On MuchMusic's COMBATZONE, the song lost to "Whenever Wherever" BADLY... Alanis had a measly 18% of the votes... ouch, that's gotta hurt. Don't worry Alanis, because you are #3 on Rob's Top 40 and you definately have a chance to start moving back up the chart. Alanis recently told me that her main worry about "Hands Clean" was it's longevity on the chart, but she has nothing to worry about, she's been in the top 3 for 5 weeks so far and I expect her to gain a bullet within the next few weeks. Alanis is going nowhere. TRUST ME! Ok, bla bla bla... What's next? Usher! "U Got It Bad" is just such a great song, I can't get enough of it; both versions of the song actually. The faster version is slightly better than the original album cut, though. When artists have two versions of a single, it helps the song on the chart. For examples, Jennifer Lopez' "I'm Real". It was huge! Michael's "Butterflies" and City High's "Caramel" are two other examples. Although the remix of "Caramel" isn't as good as the original album version, in my opinion. I hate winter! Also entering the top 5 this week is Amanda Marshall with "Everybody's Got a Story". It's such a great song and it's very different from the usual Amanda songs we hear. I hear her new song on the radio last week, it's a bit weird. She says OH MY GOD in it about 3310 times, but other than that it's good. I don't remember what it's called, but I do know that the title of the song has the word "Sunday" in it.. just in case you'd like to sample it and download it. Just search for "Marshall Sunday" and you're bound to find it.

Jennifer Lopez finally enters the top 10 with "Ain't It Funny"... and I'm not talking about the remix. This is the version that's on the original J-Lo album that was released last year. This is a case where the remix is flat out BAD! They sampled a great Craig Mack song, but added some instruments and bad lyrics and singing and ruined the song! I think J-Lo and Ja Rule owe an apology to the music industry for releasing such a bad remix! Mary J Blige is still moving up with her anthem "No More Drama". I love the sample of the "Young and The Restless" opening theme. I always thought it should be made into a song. "No More Drama" is a great song, but I think they end of it should be taken out. The last chorus just seems to drag on forever. After the part where she sings something like "I don't know, only God knows where the story goes from here", I always change the channel because the rest is boring. Three and a half minutes would have been a perfect lenght -- 4:50 is too much! It's kind of like R Kelly, who has to put a choir at the end of each and every one of his songs. That's just annoying! If he did it in only one song of his, it would have been cool.. but now it seems that every song he released has a choir! That's why I only end up listening to the first half of his songs, then skipping the rest. It took Alicia Key's 8 weeks to reach the top 10 with "A Woman's Worth", a song that I like MUCH more than "Falling", which didn't chart. Alicia definately has a shot at making the top 5 with this song. She has some serious raw talent. If you noticed, "Hey Baby" regained it's bullet and moved up 4 notches! This is a song that I liked at some points and hated at others. Last week I didn't like the song, this week I love it! I do hate the video though. Why does the drummer have to be completely naked in the video? That just completely ruins the video for me. Not only is he nakes, but he's doing a gymnastic thing naked. That guy is pathetic.

Ok, I'm sick of typing! Let me just tell you the debuts and then I'll shut up! The highest debut is by R Kelly with "The World's Greatest"! It's such a good song!! Wait... actually, the song song is good up until 2:30. the rest is boring. It'll be a huge hit though. The nexy debut is by Enrique with "Escape". I did love "Hero" at first, but I got sick of it soon after. "Escape" is an astounding song! The tune is great, it sounds like something from the 80's. I predict a peak of #4 for Enrique. New at 37 is Ja Rule with his latest hit called "Always On Time". Sure, Ja Rule's girlfriend is not always there when he calls, BUT she is always on time. What kind of lyrics is that. I swear, 90% of today's songs have no depth. The last debut is by Evan and Jaron, it's called "The Distance". I like this song just as much as their first hit "Crazy For This Girl". This one might make the top 20.