40 39 'Lovely', Bubba Sparxxx 4 34
39 NEW 'Deny', Default 1 39
38 29 'Get The Part Started', Pink 16 4
37 32 'Welcome To Atlanta', Jermaine Dupri f. Ludacris 4 32
36 28 'Girlfriend', 'N-Sync 4 28
35 37 'Always On Time', Ja Rule 2 35
34 38 'The Distance', Evan and Jaron 2 34
33 18 'Butterflies', Michael Jackson 13 6
32 36 'Escape', Enrique Eglisias 2 32
31 34 'Have You Ever', S Club 7 3 31
30 33 'Still', Brian Mcnight 3 30
29 19 'Girls Girls Girls', Jay-Z feat. Slick Rick 14 4
28 20 'My Sacrifice', Creed 18 1
27 35 'The World's Greatest', R Kelly 2 27
26 31 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carleton 3 26
25 26 'Perfect', Maren Ord 6 25
24 30 'Son of a Gun', Janet Jackson 17 6
23 15 'Have a Nice Day', Stereophonics 9 15
22 22 'Fuel Injected', Swollen Members 11 22
21 24 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling 6 21
20 23 'Sleepless', Wave 9 20
19 21 'Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman', Britney Spears 8 19
18 25 'Superman', Five For Fighting 3 18
17 27 'How You Remind Me', Nickelback 18 3
16 9 'Don't Stop Moving', S Club 7 15 5
15 8 'No More Drama', Mary J Blige 10 8
14 17 'Blurry', Puddle of Mud 8 14
13 16 'Too Bad', Nickelback 8 13
12 12 'Standing Still', Jewel 21 1
11 13 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', Leann Rimes 9 11
10 14 'Hey Baby', No Doubt 15 8
9 6 'Caramel', City High 23 2
8 11 'Cry', Mandy Moore 7 8
7 7 'Ain't It Funny?', Jennifer Lopez 14 7
6 10 'A Woman's Worth', Alicia Keys 9 6
5 5 'Everybody's Got a Story', Amanda Marshall 11 5
4 4 'U Got It Bad', Usher 10 4
3 1 'Wherever, Whenever', Shakira 10 1
2 3 'Hands Clean', Alanis Morissette 6 1
1 2 'In The End', Linkin Park 17 1

The Commentary

It took 17 weeks, but Linkin' Park finally have their first #1 hit on Rob's Top 40. Their first two singles "Crawling" and "One Step Closer" didn't interest me at all when they were first released. After the huge success of "In The End", I'm definately interested in hearing them again. They both have the same style as "In The End", so maybe they'll sound better now that I like that style. That doesn't make a lot of sense, but whatever. "In The End" is such a great song, the guy who sings the chorus has such a great voice, I wish I could do that! My mom likes "In The End" too now, so the song will definately start dropping. Whenever my mom starts liking a song that I like, my love for the song instantly starts dying. For example, "Angel" by Shaggy. I LOVED that song when it was first released.. I really did. Then my mom heard it and she liked it. No big deal. But THEN whenever the song would play on the radio, she'd turn up the volume and start singing along. After that, I hated the song. I don't know why that happens, it's not that it's not cool to like the same song as my mom. The problem is when my mom likes a song, she's always singing it or huming it, which makes me get sick of it. Other songs where this happened are "Ironic" by Alanis, "Viva Forever" by The Spice Girls, "No More Drama" by Mary J (which started dropping) and Enya's "Only Time". Anyyyyyways back to the countdown!!

Alanis Morissette's "Hands Clean" has debuted at #1 5 weeks ago. It spent 2 weeks at #1, dropped to #3, now it's back at #2 with a bullet. The song is starting to grow on me again. I'll admit that I did over-listen to it when it was first released. I did take a break though and I didn't listen to it for around 2 weeks and now I'm liking it again. Since the invention of MP3's, I get sick of songs really quick now. Before MP3's existed, if I didn't own the CD with a particular song on it, the only time I'd hear that song would be on the radio or on TV. Therefore, it would take me many months before songs would get old. I get sick of most songs after a month and a half now. In some cases I don't though, like with "In The End". Shakira, who just spent 2 weeks at #1, drops to #3. "Whenever Wherever" is a perfect song. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it... well, there is one tiny thing that's annoying in it. When she sings "I'll be there and you'll be near and that's the deal my dear"... I don't like the way she says the word NEAR. It's weird, but it's alllllllll good. Alicia Key's is sooo close to having her first top 5 smash on Rob's Top 40 with "A Woman's Worth". As you know, "Falling" never made the chart, although now I wish it did. She is such a talented girl. Mandy Moore has her 5th top 10 hit with "Cry", which is 2nd best song ever. "I Wanna Be With You" is my favorite Mandy song ever. "Cry" is doing really well in Canada, but in the USA, it's a huge flop so far. Hopefully the song will be able to lift off, because it could definately end up being Mandy's biggest hit. No Doubt's "Hey Baby" re-enters the top 10. It previously peaked at #8, then dropped and now it's moving back up. I love the song all over again, but I still do hate the video! Another song that is making it's way back up the countdown is Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". I STILL love this song and it could definately move back into the top 10. Don't be surprised if it does. Yet ANOTHER song that is making it's way back up the chart is Janet's "Son of a Gun". This time it's thanks, in part, to the P Diddy remix. P Diddy did this?!? I'm surprised because it's REALLY good. It's very original... but THIS is P DIDDY we're talking about, so I wouldn't be surprised if he stole the music to another song and put it over Janet's voice. I would not be surprised.

The only debut is by Default with the song "Deny". Dropping off the countdown is Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave For You". Default is a great band... that blatently copies everybody else's work and calls it their own! In their first single, "Waisting My Time", the music was EXACTLY like Three Doors Down "Loser". Now, in "Deny", the song starts the exact same way as Staind's "It's Been A While". Ah well, that is my opinion. They are a good band. The lead singer has a great voice.