40 NEW 'Anti-Pop', Matthew Good Band 1 40
39 NEW 'Stillness of Heart', Lenny Kravitz 1 39
38 40 'Wrong Impression', Natalie Imbruglia 2 38
37 39 'Bullets', Creed 2 37
36 37 'Just Can't Last', Natalie Merchant 2 36
35 NEW 'Youth of a Nation', P.O.D. 1 35
34 NEW 'Pinky Ring', Wu-Tang Clan 1 34
33 29 'Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman', Britney Spears 10 19
32 34 'Deny', Default 3 32
31 31 'Always On Time', Ja Rule 4 31
30 25 'Sleepless', Wave 11 20
29 35 'What About Us', Brandy 2 29
28 22 'Don't Stop Moving', S Club 7 17 5
27 19 'No More Drama', Mary J Blige 12 8
26 28 'The Distance', Evan and Jaron 4 26
25 27 'Have You Ever', S Club 7 5 25
24 26 'Still', Brian Mcnight 5 24
23 12 'Everybody's Got a Story', Amanda Marshall 13 5
22 32 'More Than a Woman', Aaliyah 2 22
21 24 'Escape', Enrique Eglisias 4 21
20 23 'The World's Greatest', R Kelly 4 20
19 15 'Caramel', City High 25 2
18 18 'How You Remind Me', Nickelback 20 3
17 20 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carleton 5 17
16 21 'Perfect', Maren Ord 8 16
15 17 'Son of a Gun', Janet Jackson 19 6
14 9 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', Leann Rimes 11 9
13 8 'Cry', Mandy Moore 9 8
12 16 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling 8 12
11 11 'Too Bad', Nickelback 10 11
10 13 'Blurry', Puddle of Mud 10 10
9 10 'Standing Still', Jewel 23 1
8 5 'Wherever, Whenever', Shakira 12 1
7 14 'Superman', Five For Fighting 5 7
6 3 'In The End', Linkin Park 19 1
5 7 'Ain't It Funny?', Jennifer Lopez 16 5
4 6 'Hey Baby', No Doubt 17 4
3 4 'A Woman's Worth', Alicia Keys 11 3
2 2 'U Got It Bad', Usher 12 2
1 1 'Hands Clean', Alanis Morissette 8 1

The Commentary

"Hands Clean" by Alanis gets a fourth non-consecutive week at number 1. I'm sure she'll stay at number 1 for a while now, because I love her more than ever. "Hands Clean" is such a refreshing song. Her new album is coming out tomorrow (February 26th 2002) and I'm excited, more than ever. I've already heard most of the songs and they are just great. Although there are two songs that I don't like, "Flinch" and "You Owe Me Nothing...", the rest of the album is pure genius. "Precious Illusions" is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's like Alanis wrote it for me! The music is perfection and her voice shines in this song. I'm looking forward to having the album in my hands! One more day and the masterpiece will be mine. I own "Jagged Little Pill", "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie", the soundtrack to "City of Angels" which contains one of my favorites "Uninvited" and tomorrow I'll own "Under Rug Swept".

Even though all the songs in the top 5 are bulleted, Alanis still has no competition. Why? Well, I know that No Doubt and Alicia Key's are on the verge of losing their bullets, J-Lo's "Ain't it Funny" isn't number 1 material at the moment and even though Usher's "U Got It Bad" will still have a bullet for a while, it definately won't be overtaking Alanis any time soon. Leaping into the top 10, at #7, is Five For Fighting with "Superman". I have been hearing the song for a long time, but it only debuted just recently. Don't ask me why I waited so long, I have no idea. It's one of those songs that you never get sick of -- just like "Hanging by a Moment" or "Wherever You Will Go". Puddle of Mud scores their first top 10 hit with "Blurry". The song is getting pretty old, but I still love it. I've been hearing it for a long time though, as I'm sure most of you have. There are 4 debuts by Matthew Good Band, POD, Lenny Kravitz and Wu-Tang Clan.

Remember the NAT40? Remeber Brimick7 AKA Brian Kelley? Well, Brian compiled the NAT40 and Starz is back. Starz, The Max and MSMO all operating at the same time? Weird but true. 3 classic sites all here for your enjoyement. In the next few days, I'll post the link to Starz on the main page. Right now, I don't remember what the link is and my ICQ message history isn't functionning properly. As soon as I know, I'll put it online. A little over 3 years ago, MSMO debuted online. After being shut down and renamed so many times, it's here now. Simply known as "My Stars Music Online", the site is now in it's simplest form. No news, no release dates, no games, nothing. Just my simple weekly chart and some occasional reviews on the left side. You know, that reminds me. I want to create an archive of all my charts that are online. I've been creating charts since 1994, but they've only been online since 1998. I'd like to print them all just in case I get a virus on my hard drive and Geocities shuts down one day. Geocities won't exist forever, so it would be wise for me to backup all my charts -- or the whole site for that matter. I did save all my charts to my hard-drive, but I don't trust it. I will probably be burning all my charts to a CD -- hmmm, maybe I shouldn't say burning my charts, that doesn't sound right! I'll COPY all my charts onto a CD. That sounds a little better.

So the Grammy awards are this week. I'm not really into award ceremonies as much as I used to. I used to always get excited about them, and I think I recorded them for a couple of years. The only types of ceremonies that I enjoy are the ones related to music. I never watch TV or movie awards simple because they don't interest me. Music is my main hobby... TV and movies are way down the list. The only TV watching I do are reruns or the Simpsons and Seinfeld. Sometimes I watch talk shows. Jerry Springer plays everyday at 3:00PM here, so I tend to watch that, although it's absolutely ridiculous most of the time. There was this one episode which had guests who were obsessed with inanimate objects. This one guest fell in love with a stuffed animal and he was actually hugging and kissing it on stage. Pretty dumb, but entertaining, nonetheless. The only two reality TV show that interest me are Big Brother and Fear Factor. Big Brother 1 was good at the time, but looking back, it was pretty stupid. The second series of Big Brother (USA) was GREAT!!! I loved it. As a matter of fact, I have 90% of the episodes on tape. I'm glad I recorded them. Big Brother 3 has been confirmed and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully, it's have all the drama and comedy of the second one. I doubt it though, they need another Will Kirby. I never watched the first two Survivor series, but I did watch the third one, hoping that it would draw me in like Big Brother 2 did, but it didn't. It was pretty boring, in fact. There was no suspense or anything. I don't know if I'll be tuning in to the 4th one.

I haven't watched any movies in a long time. The last movie I watched was Scream. I recently bought the Scream trilogy on DVD. I don't know why people say that horror movies are scary. I'm not afraid when I'm watching horror flicks. I know that it's actors, with directors and producer's behind a camera. Nothing bad is actually happenning, it's all scripted. I'm not afraid. Scream 1 is classic. Scream 2 is not bad, Scream 3 sucked. I bought them anyways because I want to own them all. A fourth DVD came with the trilogy, it contained behind-the-scenes stuff and a LOT of extra's! The day I bought Scream, I also bought Shrek (i bought over 100$ of movies that day!). Shrek is the best animated movie I've ever seen! Well, that's not hard to believe, because I haven't seen a lot of animated movies. I hate those type of movies, but this one is great. I didn't even want to watch Shrek, but my friend brought it over to my house one day. When he turned on the DVD, I was stunned by the quality of the animation. It has some INCREDIBLE CGI graphics. Blah blah blah, I'm totally off-topic, I'll stop talking now.