Top 100 songs of 2002  
100   'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera f. Redman  
99   'What's Luv?' Fat Joe    
98   'I'm Gonna Be Alright' Jennifer Lopez    
97   'The World's Greatest' R Kelly    
96   'Fuel Injected' Swollen Members    
95   'Sleepless' Wave    
94   'Love at First Sight' Kylie Minogue    
93   'Basketball' Lil' Bow Wow    
92   'Like I Love You' Justin Timberlake    
91   'How Come You Don't Call' Alicia Keys    
90   'Have a Nice Day' Stereophonics    
89   'Out Of My Heart' BBMak    
88   'Crazy World' Rascalz    
87   'Rock The Boat' Aaliyah    
86   'Don't Turn Off The Light' Enrique Iglesias    
85   'Carmelina' Matthew Good Band    
84   'Sunday Morning After' Amanda Marshall    
83   'One Last Breath' Creed    
82   'Hero' Enrique Eglisias    
81   'A  Day Has Come' Celine Dion    
80   'Just An Old Boyfriend' Kaci    
79   'These Are The Days' O-Town    
78   'Dope Nose' Weezer    
77   'Hey Ma'' Camron    
76   'Escape' Enrique Iglisias  
75   'By The Way' Red Hot Chilli Peppers    
74   'Summer Girls' Aerosmith    
73   'Game Of Love' Santana f. Michelle Branch    
72   'Always On Time' Ja Rule    
71   'Undacova Funk' Snoop Dogg    
70   'Lose Yourself' Eminem    
69   'No Regrets' X-Quisite    
68   'We Are All Made of Stars' Moby    
67   'Help Me' Nick Carter    
66   'Cry' Mandy Moore    
65   'Underneath Your Clothes' Shakira     
64   'Get The Part Started' Pink    
63   'Butterflies' Michael Jackson    
62   'What About Us' Brandy    
61   'A Moment Like This' Kelly Clarkson    
60   'Cleaning Out My Closet' Eminem    
59   'No More Drama' Mary J Blige    
58   'I'm a Slave For You' Britney Spears    
57   'Stole' Kelly Roland    
56   'Where Are You Going?' Dave Matthews Band    
55   'Girls Girls Girls' Jay-Z feat. Slick Rick    
54   'I Need a Girl (Part 2)' P. Diddy    
53   'Happy' Ashanti    
52   'Light it up' Choclair    
51   'Too Bad' Nickelback    
50   'Perfect' Maren Ord    
49   'The Middle' Jimmy Eat World    
48   'Take Ya Home' Lil Bow Wow    
47   'Don't Stop Moving' S Club 7  
46   'In Your Eyes' Kylie Minogue    
45   'Everybody's Got a Story' Amanda Marshall    
44   'Oops! (Oh My)' Tweet    
43   'Can't Fight The Moonlight' Leann Rimes    
42   'How You Remind Me' Nickelback    
41   'Without Me' Eminem    
40   'Down 4 U' Irv Gotti Presents...    
39   'Don't Let Me Get Me' Pink    
38   'My Sacrifice' Creed    
37   'Son of a Gun' Janet Jackson    
36   'A Woman's Worth' Alicia Keys    
35   'Extreme Ways' Moby    
34   'I Need a Girl (Part 1)' P. Diddy    
33   'Caramel' City High    
32   'Just Like a Pill' Pink    
31   'All You Wanted' Michelle Branch    
30   'Wherever You Will Go' The Calling    
29   'U Don't Have to Call' Usher    
28   'Sker Boi' Avril Lavigne    
27   'Superman' Five For Fighting    
26   'More Than a Woman' Aaliyah    
25   'Just a Friend 2002 ' Mario    
24   'Toxicity' System of a Down    
23   'Here is Gone' Goo Goo Dolls    
22   'Hey Baby' No Doubt     
21   'Hot in Herre' Nelly    
20   'Hero' Kroeger & Scott     
19   'Aerials' System of a Down    
18   'Dilemma' Nelly f. Kelly Rowland    
17   'Wrong Impression' Natalie Imbruglia    
16   'Whenever, Wherever' Shakira  
15   'U Got It Bad' Usher    
14   'Blurry' Puddle of Mudd  
13   'Ordinary Day' Vanessa Carlton  
12   'Welcome To Atlanta (Remix)' Jermaine Dupri/P Diddy/Snoop Dogg  
11   'Ain't It Funny?' Jennifer Lopez    
10   'Long Time Gone' Dixie Chicks    
9   'Soak Up The Sun' Sheryl Crow    
8   'Standing Still' Jewel    
7   'A Thousand Miles' Vanessa Carlton  
6   'Somewhere Out There' Our Lady Peace    
5   'Complicated' Avril Lavigne    
4   'In The End' Linkin Park    
3   'Girlfriend (Remix)' N-Sync f. Nelly    
2   'Precious Illusions' Alanis Morissette    
1   'Hands Clean' Alanis Morissette    
Should Have Made The Top 100 (but didn't make the cut)  
20    'Po' Folks' Nappy Roots  
19    'Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman' Britney Spears  
18    'Jenny From The Block' Jennifer Lopez  
17    'Youth of a Nation' POD  
16    'Drowning' Backstreet Boys  
15    'Wish You Were Here' Incubus  
14    'Wasting My Time' Default  
13    'Gangsta Loving' Eve f. Alicia Keys  
12    'Girl Talk TLC  
11    'Goodbye To You' Michelle Branch  
10    'Gonna Getcha Good' Shania Twain  
9    'Oh Boy' Cam'ron  
8    'Move B*tch' Ludacris f. Mystical  
7    'Hella Good' No Doubt  
6    'I'd Do Anything' Simple Plan  
5    'Die Another Day' Madonna  
4    'Work It' Missy Elliot  
3    'Through The Rain' Mariah Carey  
2    'Chop Suey' System of a Down  
1    'No Such Thing' John Mayer  
Top 10 most over-rated songs on Rob's Top 40  
10   'No More Drama' Mary J Blige    
9   'Perfect' Maren Ord    
8   'In Your Eyes' Kylie Minogue    
7   'Everybody's Got a Story' Amanda Marshall    
6   'U Don't Have to Call' Usher    
5   'Hey Baby' No Doubt     
4   'Aerials' System of a Down    
3   'Dilemma' Nelly f. Kelly Rowland    
2   'Blurry' Puddle of Mudd  
1   'Somewhere Out There' Our Lady Peace    
Songs that spent the most weeks on the weekly chart  
  'Son of a Gun' Janet Jackson   21 weeks
  'More Than a Woman' Aaliyah   21 weeks
  'Hey Baby' No Doubt    21 weeks
  'Wherever You Will Go' The Calling   22 weeks
  'Aerials' System of a Down   22 weeks
  'Toxicity' System of a Down   22 weeks
  'U Got It Bad' Usher   22 weeks
  'Ordinary Day' Vanessa Carlton   22 weeks
  'Welcome To Atlanta (Remix)' Jermaine Dupri/P Diddy/Snoop Dogg   23 weeks
  'Ain't It Funny?' Jennifer Lopez   24 weeks
  'Blurry' Puddle of Mudd 24 weeks
  'Standing Still' Jewel   24 weeks
  'Wrong Impression' Natalie Imbruglia   24 weeks
  'In The End' Linkin Park   25 weeks
  'Precious Illusions' Alanis Morissette   25 weeks
  'Hot in Herre' Nelly   25 weeks
  'Soak Up The Sun' Sheryl Crow   25 weeks
  'Somewhere Out There' Our Lady Peace   26 weeks
  'Complicated' Avril Lavigne   27 weeks
  'A Thousand Miles' Vanessa Carlton 28 weeks
  'Girlfriend' N-Sync f. Nelly   31 weeks
  'Hands Clean' Alanis Morissette   32 weeks
Artists with most top 40 hits  
Pink Get The Party Started, Don't Let Me Get Me, Just Like A Pill, Family Portrait
Jennifer Lopez I'm Real, I'm Gonna Be Alright, Ain't It Funny, Jenny From The Block  
Britney Spears I'm a Slave For You, Overprotected, Boys, I'm not a girl  
Longest Time Spent At #1  
Alanis Morissette Hands Clean 12 weeks
Number of songs that charted in 2002  
187 songs  
Highest Debut of the year  
Alanis Morissette Hands Clean #1
Top 5 albums of the year  
5   System of a Down Toxicity  
4   Alanis Morissette Under Rug Swept  
3   Shania Twain Up!  
2   Avril Lavigne Let Go  
1   Eminem The Eminem Show  
Top 5 worst songs of the year  
5    'Stillness of Heart' Lenny Kravitz  
4    'Don't Stop Dancing' Creed  
3    'Everyday' Bon Jovi  
2    'Foolish' Ashanti
1    'Rainy Dayz' Mary J Blige f. Ja Rule