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Short Circuit News

February 18, 2003
I've completed the interactive rulebook. It incorporates the old WotC online rulebook, the run flowchart, and the current rulings and errata. It's located on the Basics page. Also, Livewire's Contacts has been updated.

February 11, 2003
The Short Circuit has been resurrected (almost) to its full glory!
All pages are now back online. Suley's Corner and Off-Site Backups have been derezzed. Some of the links on the Basics page are dead for now. I'm working on getting them back up and running. I'm also working to get Livewire's Contacts more up to date. If you have any links, submissions for Runner Sensei, or anything else you'd like me to add, be sure to let me know. Also, if you have written something that is posted here and your e-mail link is out of date, let me know and I'll fix it. The Research Bunker is getting pretty old and dated, but I'll leave everything there for posterity's sake! :)

The hottest new thing in Netrunner is the CCG Workshop's Gatling Engine. Check out the new links I have for it on the InterNetrunner page.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming goodies!

February 20, 2001
Latest relocation of The Short Circuit.
Pages moved so far include the Chrysalid Matrix and the trivia page.
More to come as time permits. Enjoy!

September 20, 1998
Added article to Runner Sensei quote #3, and posted a fifth quote.

September 7, 1998
Added articles to Runner Sensei quotes #2 and #3, and posted a fourth quote.

August 22, 1998
Added articles to Runner Sensei quotes #1 and #2, and posted a third quote.

August 12, 1998
The Chrysalid Matrix feature added. Also added articles to Runner Sensei quote #1, and posted a new quote as well.

August 1, 1998
Grand re-opening of the Short Circuit.
Graphical control panel added. Runner Sensei, NR Trivia, Cortical Scrub, Suley's Corner, and Research Bunker features added. BCA, Corp Strategy, Runner Strategy, and Phasewise Analysis articles added to Research Bunker (much of this has been donated by Dave Mar, who has need of his web space for other things). Links page updated and renamed Livewire's Contacts.

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