Research Bunker


Below is a collection of the best our R&D department has to offer. It includes classic old ways and hot new ways to improve your deck designing skills, your deck analysis skills, your game analysis skills, and your play skills. By accessing these files, you agree to not share this information with any unauthorized personnel. Failure to comply with this will result in a rock the size of Deleware being "gently placed" on you, your family, and/or your place of residence. Have a nice day.

NOTE: Most of this material ranges from old to very old. Your mileage may vary.

If you have written anything you think would go well on this page, please let me know.

The modular method of deck design:

What is it?

Bit/Card/Action ratio analysis

The "3 Phase" game analysis:

An explanation of the 3 phases
The best Phase 1 cards
The best Phase 2 cards
The best Phase 3 cards

For the Corp player:

The best Corp cards
Common Corp deck themes

For the Runner player:

The best Runner cards
Common Runner deck themes

Sample deck ideas:

Corp deck 1: The Energiser
Corp deck 2: Militech, Inc.
Corp deck 3: Undead, Inc.
Corp deck 4: The Wall
Runner deck 1: The Bankruptor
Runner deck 2: Rache Bartmoss' Personal Deck
Runner deck 3: The Mechanical Man

Created on:  August 1, 1998
Last updated on:  August 1, 1998
Created by:  Scott Dickie <>