The following pictures are about the shore of Gualaceo
main river, and others are taken in the main streets of the town.

This is another picture of Gualaceo's church, the church is located at the center of the town.
My parents live 2 blocks from the church

park of Gualaceo

This is the park of Gualaceo, this place is exactly accross the church
This place is usually full of people during the night

This place is located south of the center of the town
During Carnaval this place is packed with people of Gualaceo
from cuenca and other places.


This place is located south - west of the center of the town
If you see the last picture, you will see where the river
is located, this place is located like 1 mile to the west.

bridge only for pedestrians

This Bridge is also located south-west, this bridge is used
only for pedestrians, some kids use it to jump to the river
to swim, this area of the river is really deep, and there is no alligators

shore by bimbambun

same area: south - west from the center of town.


same bridge but a closer look.


Gualaceo: picture taken from a montain south of Gualaceo