Tiara Exclusives

Baskets made at Indiana Glass Co.

This is a list of Basket Handlers (Finishers)
  • D.T.--Darrell Templeton
  • E.T.--Ed Templeton
  • J.D.--Jim Dunlavy
  • J.T.--John Thompson
  • M.R.--Mike Robinson
  • D.B.--David Bales
  • B.M.--Benton McCowan
  • J.C.-- Jim Clay
  • P.W.--Paul White
  • M.B.--Marlene Baker
  • T.W.--Tom Walker
  • M.D.--Milford Davis

Before the finisher could get their initials on a crimper
they worked with a veteran finisher
The crimp of an apprentice was five (5) dots
There may be more names I don't show here.


I will add names when I get more information