The Evening Star File Library

Welcome to The Evening Star File Library. I think, that Iīve listed everything currently available. If you think, that Iīve missed something, be sure to tell me! And if you have anything useful that you have created yourself, send it to me!!  

dag213.exe 1,4mb ----- The newest patch released by Bethesda. A must have for every Daggerfall player. 50kb ----- Adds all the quest, found in the "Comp USA" special edition of Daggerfall.
Character/Game editors 66kb ----- Nice character editor. 11kb ----- A utility that lets you repair magical items. 14kb ----- Another program for repairing items. 156kb ----- A utility that lets you edit the Daggerfall quest files. 77kb ----- Beta quest editor ver 0.10 98kb ----- The fixsave utility from Bethesda. 25kb ----- Another character editor. 50kb ----- The Daggerfall Graphical Utilities. (Shareware: 5$) 17kb ----- The Daggerfall reputation viewer ver.1.77. Very usefull utility! 111kb ----- A program that lets you edit the biography files.
Available demos 16mb ----- The latest Daggerfall demo. Worth playing if you havenīt got the game, yet!!
Faqs/Helpsheets 557kb ----- A good excel helpsheet. 32kb ----- Another excel helpsheet.
Miscellaneous files 4kb ----- Lets you have more than six savegames. 103kb ----- A savegame backup utility for windows 95. 62kb ----- Dagpic lets you display and import game graphics. 82kb ----- Lets you change your location in savegames. 100kb ----- Lets you edit the books in Daggerfall. 37kb ----- Same as above but for Windows 95. Requires VB runtime library.
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