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The Evening Star Guild

The Evening Star Guild is interested in providing you with the latest up to date information relating to The Evening Star. You can gain prominence within the guild by submitting to the site. All guild members are listed below:

Leader:   Sara Wolff The newly appointed leader of The Evening Star. Lives in the city Ykalon in the state of Ykalon.

Member index

Name Rank Home
Sephirim Isyahadan Honorary Leader He lives in Mesajer, Dragontail Mountains.
Kyrina Bones Evening Star She lives mostly on a boat just off the coast of High Rock.
Aylis Riaora Morning Star Hasn´t a home anywhere. She´s a travelling mercenary.
Mea Culpa Courier She owns a house at the back of the Porc tavern in Vanshire.
Valnyr Topwich Courier No home, currently residing in Knightstown.
Ix Paperboy Lives currently somewhere deep inside of Privateer´s Hold.
Jackie Estacado aka The Darkness Paperboy His home is currently classified.
Chicken Head Paperboy Believe it or not but he lives in Ykalon.
Hawkwind Hawklord Helper Lives on his huge ship somewhere on the ozean.
Florence Helper Lives in Ireland.
Alacious Helper Alacious is a travelling nomad.
Aspenamy Helper She lives mostly in her house in Daggerfall.
Icbus Realm Helper He owns a large residence in the Illessan Hills.
Alan Szepilowski Helper Lives in the state and city of Daggerfall.
Jadar Tharn Helper Lives in Vancastle Garden, Koegria
Polgara Helper Lives in Ripmore, Daggerfall
Hunydd Helper Lives in Daggerfall city.
Nyxalinth Helper Makes her home in the Angry Porcupine in Vanshire, Menevia.
Aedric frostfire Helper A dark elf apparently living in Wayrest somewhere. Check out his web page at www.angelfire.com/pa/dkinferno.
Spector Helper A high elf who unfortunately didn't state where he lived. Check out his web page at http://www.reocities.com/yosemite/meadows/5196/.