Information on joining

We are not the kind of guild, you might expect. We do not split the guild into subguilds with different goals. We´re interested to you with the latest available information relating to The Evening Star. So if you like the page, it would be a good thing to join this guild.
Within The Evening Star Guild, you can gain experience by submitting to the web site, but if you want, you also can only enjoy the other member benefits. Press button to join now! NEW! From now on you will lose 1 point every month if you don't submit anything. But don't worry I will not kick you out.  

Member Benefits

1. Members get quicker answer via email, than all others.
2. Members will be informed whenever anything here is updated.
3. Members will be informed when special events relating to The Evening Star arrive.
4. Members can gain rank within the guild by submitting to the web site.

Join the adventure! Today!

Simply write a little letter to The Evening Star containing:
1. Your character name.
2. Where the home of your character is.
3. Your email address.

The advancement system

As I mentioned above, there´s an advancement system in the guild. To advance in the guild simply submit to the site!
Rank Points
Helper 0
Paperboy 5
Courier 12
Editor 25
Morning Star 50
Evening Star 100
Reporting text and grammar errors: 1 point for each
Writing articles for further issues: 5 points for each
Writing a book: 15 points each
These are suggestions. Everything you submit will be added to your experience.