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I recently got a letter from Chicken Head who is the prime suspect of the robbery of a few paintings and other items that occured last month. I have taken the freedom to comment to a few issues in the letter and have done so in italics. 

I would like to take exception to some of the comments of the new editor of The Evening Star. 
Brute's Chicken is a most dangerous place to be. The first time I was there, the place was surrounded by Ykalonian guards, who seem to have taken an irrational and violent dislike to me. 
Irrational? I don't think that the murdering of hundreds is irrational, nor the pillaging that follows, all for the imaginary insults you claim they put on you. 

The next time I frequented this unfortunate establishment, the whole place was attacked by a veritable army of 
murderous long-eared vermin and Mrs. Chicken Head and I barely escaped with our lives. Based on my experience with Brute's Chicken, I can hardly recommend this place to anyone, unless they have a death wish. 
You should know that Brute's Chicken lies in a district of the city of Ykalon that has the most weapon and armor shops. And the owners of these shops often frequent Brute's Chicken on their free time. And what exactly do you have against elves? Now I can really see why they took a dislike of you. Many elves love the chicken served here. 

    I must also say that I notice no difference in the fighting abilities of the Ykalonian guards. They seem just as easy to slay now as ever, and still haven't even learned to use those daedric weapons they ofttimes carry. A child of ten would know to employ the best weapon available to him in a fight, 
but this lesson has  yet to sink into these buffoons. Nor do they seem to have abandoned their constant and ineffectual cries of "HALT!". Not that any one of them gets to drone on like this for very long, but when a dozen or more of them are on my tail for some minor infraction or other, it can take a minute or so to put an end to their bootless cries. 
How shall you have it? In the paragraph above you just mentioned that you and Mrs. Chicken Head barely escaped alive and now you say that the guards are poorly trained. 

       It is easy to claim that crime is on the wane, but I have noticed no discernable decrease in crime when I am around. I note that you site no statistics to back up this claim, most likely because there are none. 
The answer is in your statement, of course the crimes increases whenever you are around, you cause nearly all of the crimes yourselves. 

     Boorish Ykalonian peasants are still dropping like flies and their shops have become my own personal treasure trove. 
In short, Ms. Editor, I think very little of your editorials, or of you. 
At least we share something. A dislike for one another. 

Chicken Head 
P.S. Exactly where in Ykalon are your offices located? I might want to visit sometime 
A block away from Brute's Chicken. Just walk east from there. 
. Are you in the habit of keeping large sums of cash on hand? 
No, because of the crime situation I have my money in a bank account in Daggerfall. 

Sara Wolff and Chicken Head.

Rumors of Genocide Abound.  World in Crisis. 

Sentinel, SENTINEL -- For the past few weeks, mages, scholars, nobility, generals, and social workers have been pouring over a portal to another world that mysteriously opened in the middle of Castle Sentinel.  As of today, nothing has passed through the portal other than whispered voices, 
which apparently come from nowhere.  When studied, researchers discovered that 
the portal leads to barren worlds where apparently no life exists.  Except one. 
This world is a war-torn desert hell.  Huge armored beasts carry soldiers over the terrain, destroying every piece of scenery in their paths. The beasts have some sort of magickal ability, as they are able to spit fire and destruction from their mouths.  Apparently, they are covered in a metal harness, for they are immune to all attacks, except magickal attacks from 
other beasts or from the wands that all the soldiers carry that dispel lightning.  Every person on this planet is in the business of death. 

    The Battle of Betony was nothing compared to the destruction here. 
    The most shocking part of this is the fact that the portal would allow this army of Battlemages into Tamriel, where they could not be destroyed except by the strongest of gods, or the vilest of Daedra. 
    Scribes have documented all the whispers that have come through this portal.  Sources revealed that this war is a religious war, led by a man known as Paul the Mouse, or rather, in the tongue of the otherworlders, Paul Muad'dib.  He is leading his horde of desert raiding mercenaries from world to world, bending space and time with his very mind.  When he reaches a 
world, he destroys all who inhabit it, then places his own people there to colonize it.  Rumors state that he has already killed over 11 billion, which is over 20 times the population of Tamriel alone.  If this portal is kept open, 
and Paul the Mouse is allowed to enter our world, we shall all perish. 
    But mages, specifically the Archmage of Sentinel, have perhaps stumbled upon the very nature of the portal.  By determining its nature, they may effectively nullify the magical field, and thereby close the portal.  Perhaps forever. 
    In any case, the nobility of Daggerfall, Wayrest and Sentinel have decided to set aside their quarrels for the time being in order to focus more upon the problem of this portal.  Armies brandishing the Eagle, the Dragon, and the Cross are gathered just outside the city walls and are prepared to fight to the death  in order to save the world of Tamriel. 


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Chicken Head believed to be responsible for robbery at our Headquarters. 

After careful analysis of our headquarters blood has been found at the carpets that is believed to be belonging to Chicken Head. This theory seems more likely since Chicken Head was seen entering the Temple soon after the robbery with bleeding wounds that he probably got while killing the guards guarding the newspaper. 

   His letter to me puts extra strenght on this theory, he obviously has a personal dislike for me. 

Watch this space next month for further information on the robbery. 

Sara Wolff.

Here the interview with Baltham Greyman should be, but unfortunately we couldn't find him. So instead we ask our readers to interview him if they come in contact with him. 

   What we would like to find out is the history behind the Mage's guild decision to kick him out and send other mages after him. We also wonder about his recent adventures. 

Sara Wolff.

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