Calligraphy by Janine Cuenca-Dario

Thank you for your interest in my service. The service I do for invitations is hand calligraphy. For weddings, I do the master copy in hand of the invitation card which will be layed-out and be reproduced by the printer. The fee for that is P1000 for up to 15 lines.  We can also do something for souvenirs and even your thank you cards.

I also address the invitation envelopes with the name of your guest. The charge is P16 to P20 and a minimum of 50 lines. If you are on a tight budget, we can discuss about doing some of the envelopes like those of the VIPs/principal sponsors. Contrary to the practice now, for wedding invitations, etiquette still dictates that it be addressed by hand by a professional calligrapher or someone with good handwriting, and not machine generated by a computer or typewriter.

I am also including a proposal below plus some tips which you may find helpful. I hope this is readable.

Presented here is low-resolution sample of my calligraphy to which you can refer for style. The actual output of course is of much finer quality.  Except for the embellished script in sample 3, this style is the most in demand of those I have produced. Variations have also been requested either by adding  embellishments or simplifying the style. I am also very comfortable with this style so I can complete it faster and with little error. If you  have another in mind, let me know.

Feel free to call me for any questions, even if you decide not to go with my services.

Sample 1 . Flourished slant

Sample 2: Flourished bold

Sample 3: Flourished bold (top half) and Embellished Script (bottom half)

Proposal For Calligraphy Services

Although the use of computer printers to address invitations are getting quite popular, etiquette still dictates that wedding envelopes should be handwritten, by a calligrapher or by someone with good handwriting. Calligraphy continues to be the choice of the discriminating client. The following are details of my service:
This is only a guide. Any  deviation from these may be still be negotiated. For further inquiries, contact:
Janine Cuenca-Dario
Bel Air P.O. Box 88, 40 Solar Street, Bel Air 3, Makati
Phone +63 2 892 0689
Mobile 0918 922 5228

Helpful hints in addressing your invitations:

Mr. and Mrs. Teodoro Dario
35 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California  90210
Mr. and Mrs. Dario
Martina Gabrielle, Chiara Miren
Important tips on hiring a calligrapher: