Our Family

Picture of the newest addition to our family--Chiara Miren Dario, born on the birthday of her mother, November 18, 1997. This was taken April 20, 1998, two days after she turned 5 months old.







 Picture of her older sister Martina Gabrielle who will be graduating from Prep in March 1999 at the age of five. Gabrielle is the youngest cast member of Repertory Philippines' musical Annie which will be shown at Meralco Theatre, Pasig, from September 24 to October 25, 1998. She was among 20 chosen from 200 children who auditioned.

Hear a sample of her singing with her rendition of the Spice Girls' Two Become One.
Click here for music

Not to be outdone, Chiara sings Aladdin's A Whole New World.
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A Whole New World
(sung by Chiara, 2 years, 8 mos.)

I can show you the world.
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me princess now when did
you last let you heart decide
i can open your eyes
take you wonder by wonder
over sideways and---
(points to the recorder program and then is reminded of Gab's song as she sees it)
and gabrielle's far away (to the tune of Annie's Maybe)
I like Gabrielle's far away...

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