Composer Title Key Op # Yr Composed Perf Min Label Date Rec Loc Rec Rating* Comments*
TchaikovskyPiano Concerto #3E-flat Majorp751893 Donohoe, Bournemouth SO, Barshai16EMI1989---****Excellent.
RachmaninovPiano Concerto #3d minor301909 Ashkenazy, LSO, Previn(I-II); Concg O, Haitink(III)46Decca1972; 1986 ---***I-II: Sweep the board. Outstanding, first-class transfers, full and well-balanced. Acoustics cast a pleasing glow over the proceedings. Very highly recommendable. III: A is beautifully recorded.
DebussyNocturnes---L911899Concg O, Haitink; Cleveland O, Boulez (II)24Philips; DGMay 1979---**** Magical. Stood the test of time and remain unsurpassed. Choral balance is judged perfectly.
Rimsky-KorsakovSymphony #2 "Antar"---91897USSR SO, Svetlanov (I)12---------------
DebussyImages---L1221912Concg O, Haitink36 PhilipsDec 1977---****Admirable choice for Ph's set of "50 Great Recordings." Second to none--beautifully played.
RachmaninovPiano Concerto #1f-sharp minor11891 Ashkenazy, LSO, Previn28Decca1972---***Satisfactory. Brilliance not too plangent. Exciting.
CoplandEl Salon------1936New Philh O, Copland15 Columbia------***Unrivalled. Skillful remaster.
BeethovenString Quartet #5A Major18/51800Borodin Qt 27EMI------***---
ShostakovichMacbeth of Mtsensk: I:1; II:4---291932 Krenn, Vishnevskaya, Gedda, Dimiter Petkov, Steven Emmerson, Robert Tear, LPO, Rostropovich11EMIApr 1978---****R's finest recording ever (2004). Proves with thrilling conviction that S's greatest stage work is among the most original operas of the century. Superlative. All the more vivid on cd. R gives a performance of breathtaking power. V is inspired to give an outstanding performance. Aptly coarse. G matches her well, totally idiomatic. P is magnificent. Fine contributions from T, K.
BeethovenPiano Sonata #18 "Hunt"E-flat Major31/31802 Schnabel21---Mar 25, 1932---****---
BrahmsCello Sonata #1e minor381865Rostropovich, Richter25---1964Maltings, Snape------
BeethovenPiano Sonata #5c minor10/11797Schnabel 18---Nov 6, 1935---****---
TchaikovskySuite #1d minor431879USSR SO, Svetlanov 41---1985---***Sympathetic, excellent digital sound. Prime recommendation.
BeethovenPiano Sonata #4 "Grand"E-flat Major71797 Schnabel28---------****---
GriegViolin Sonata #3c minor451887Rachmaninov, Kreisler23---1928---------
MozartHorn Concerto #2E-flat Major4171783Stevove, Cap Istro, Kopelman14---Nov 1988---***Enjoyable.
SibeliusSymphony #3 "Pastoral"C Major521907CBSO, Sir Simon Rattle29EMIOct 1985---***Vastly superior to R's 1st and 2nd. Convincing not only in pace. Very well balanced, natural perspective, finely detailed.
BrahmsSerenade #2A Major161860LPO, Boult27 EMI------------
DvorakSonatina "Indian Lament"G Major1001893Suk, Alfred Holecek20Supraphon1971---------
Martin6 Monologs: 1------1943Heinz Rehfuss, Frank Martin3Decca1955------One of the great song-cycles of the 20th cen.
ChabrierHabanera------1885VPO, Gardiner (arr)4DGMar 1995---------
BrahmsLiebeslieder Waltzes: 1E Major52/11869Norman Mackenzie, John Wustman, Shaw Singers1TelarcAug 1992France ------
Scarlatti, DSonata #11c minor11---Dame Myra Hess3EMIOct 12, 1957---***---
BachCantata #82---821727Hans Hotter, Philh O, Anthony Bernard (5)4EMIMar 1950---****One of the greatest cantata performances ever. Glorious singing, wonderfully stylish O acc. Sounds eminently present in this fine transfer.
FaureL'horizon chimerique: 1---1181921Gerard Souzay, Jacqueline Bonneau2DeccaMay 22, 1950---**** Transfer does complete justice. Marvellous record worth many rosettes!
SchutzToday Christ was born------1611Heinrich Schutz Choir, Norrington6Decca1968---****Superlative. Splendid. Analog remains in demo bracket. Glorious, memorable piece. Few more unusual or more rewarding Christmas than this.
Brahms5 Songs: 5C Major71/51877Hotter, Moore2EMIMay 1956---****Glorious singing, wonderful acc. Should not pass over singing and artistry of this eloquence. Excellent transfer.
LisztTotentanz---S1261853Zimerman, BSO, Ozawa15 DG------****---
ShostakovichSymphony #10e minor931953BPO, Karajan 52DG1982---***Even finer than K's 1967. Leave no doubts as to O's peerless virtuosity. Everything is marvellously shaped and proportioned. Excellent digital sound; must rank first.
ShostakovichSymphony #6b minor541939Concg O, Haitink31Decca1983---***Powerful. Superb playing, esp str: extra transparency, helped by brilliant and atmospheric recording. Structural control with calm, taut manner brings out mvt 1, particularly impressive.
ShostakovichSymphony #12 "1917"d minor1121961Concg O, Haitink43Decca1982---***---
GlinkaRuslan and Lyudmila: Overture; Oriental dances------ 1842LSO, Solti; USSR SO, Svetlanov5+7Decca1966--- ***Electrifying; perhaps the most exciting ever recorded.
MussorgskyA Night on the Bare Mountain------1867 LSO, Solti11Decca1966---***Can stand up to all. Vintage. Fine amplitude and great brilliance. Remains one of S's finest analog collections.
DebussyBerceuse heroique---L1321914Concg O, Eduard van Beinum (arr)4PhMay 1957---****Great delicacy and a real sense of mystery. Early stereo highly effective.
DebussyJeux---L1261913Concg O, Haitink19Ph May 1979---****---
DebussyMarche ecossaise---L771891Concg O, Haitink (arr)7PhDec 1976---****---
DebussyRapsodie---L190xConcg O, Haitink8 PhDec 1976---****Atmospheric.
DebussyDeux danses---L1031904Concg O, Haitink9 PhDec 1977---****Elegant playing, excellently balanced.
SchubertGretchen am Spinnraded minor1181814Baker, Moore4EMI1970---****M returned out of retirement esp for this and still at his finest.
SchubertSuleika I,IIb minor; B-flat Major720; 7171821 Baker, Moore10EMI1970---****Each with loving, detailed care.
SchubertSchwestergruss; An Herrn Spaun; Der Musensohnf-sharp minor; c minor; A-flat Major762; 749; 7641822Baker, Moore; Parsons 14EMI1970; 1980---****Consistently displays breadth of emotional mastery.
SchubertAn die untergehende Sonne; An die Nachtigall; Am Grabe AnselmosE-flat Major; G Major; E-flat Major457; 497; 5041816 Baker, Moore12EMI1970 ---****Unmissable reissue.
SchubertGesange aus Meister: 2-4; Wiegenlied; To Sylvia---; A-flat Major; A Major877/2-4; 867; 8911826Baker, Moore; Parsons19 EMI1970; 1980---****P's springing accompaniment to An Sylvia (echoed later by B) gives a twinkle to a song that can easily be treated too seriously.
SchubertMignon; Rastlose Liebe; HeidenrosleinA Major; E Major; G Major321; 138; 2571815Baker, Moore; Parsons8EMI1970; 1980---****---
SchubertBertas Lied in der Nacht; Das Madchen; Strophe aus Die Gotter Griechenlandse-flat minor; A Major; ---653; 652; 6771819 Baker, Moore13EMI1970---****Satisfying collection.
SchubertCaludine von Villa Bella: I: 3, 6---2391815 Baker, Moore3 EMI1970---****Fine EMI vintage.
Schubert2 Scenes from "Lacrimas"; Die junge Nonne---; f minor; 857; 8281825Baker, Moore10EMI1970---****---
SchubertIphigenia; Die Forelle; Der Tod und das MadchenG-flat Major; D-flat Major; d minor573; 550; 5311817Baker, Moore; Parsons 7EMI1970; 1980---****Could not be more treasurable.
SchubertAbendstern; Gondelfahrer; Auflosunga minor; C Major; G Major806; 808; 8071824Baker, Moore8EMI1970---****807: To hear it for the first time is a moment of discovery for all Schubertians; it is one of the pieces which forces us to redefine what we expect from S. We think we know him fully until the next of his many surprises.
SchubertDu bist die RuhE-flat Major7761823Baker, Parsons4EMI1980---****1980s catches the more mature voice naturally and with rather more presence than a decade earlier.
MozartHorn Concerto #3E-flat Major4471787Stevove, Cap Istro, Kopelman15---Nov 1988---***II: Natural warm feel.
MozartHorn Concerto #4E-flat Major4951786Stevove, Cap Istro, Kopelman16---Nov 1988---***Spontaneous.
MozartConcert RondoE-flat Major3711781Stevove, Cap Istro, Kopelman6---Nov 1988---***Agreeable lift.
MozartDivertimento #15B-flat Major2871777BPO, Karajan39DG------------
SkryabinSymphony #2---291901USSR SO, Svetlanov 50---------------
SkryabinSymphony #4 "Poem of Ecstasy"C Major541908 USSR SO, Svetlanov22---------***Powerful, enormously authoritative acct. Expansive acoustics. 2nd to none. Great atmosphere. Virtuosic O. Underpinned by an extrovert passion that is very compelling. Lead to a tremendously exciting climax, strings and horns at their absolute zenith, before the lush close. Brilliant. Great range.
HaydnTrumpet ConcertoE-flat MajorVIIe/11796 Marsalis, Nat PO, Leppard14ColumbiaDec 1982London*** Splendid, spectacular bravura. Never aggressive in brilliance. Eminently stylish, as is the lively and polished acc. Faithful recording, vivid projection.
HaydnKeyboard Concerto #11D MajorXVIII/111784 Emanuel Ax, Liszt CO, Janos Rolla18ColumbiaMar 1992--- ------
LitolffConcerto symphonique #4: IId minor121852 Curzon, LPO, Boult8Decca1958---***Transfer remains fresh and clear.
Skryabin24 Preludes: 1-6,13,14all111896Skryabin; Austin Conradi12Pierian------------
Skryabin2 Poemes: 1F-sharp Major321903Skryabin3 Pierian1910---------
Skryabin2 pieces: "Desir"; "Caresse dansee"---571907 Skryabin; Leff Pouishnoff3Pierian------------
Skryabin4 Preludes: 1g-sharp minor221897Skryabin 1Pierian1910---------
Skryabin2 Mazurkas: 2F-sharp Major401903Skryabin 1Pierian1910---------
Skryabin2 Pieces for left hand: 2D-flat Major91894 Josef Lhevinne5Pierian1906---------
SkryabinPiano Sonata #2 "Sonata-Fantasy": Ig-sharp minor19 1897Constantine Igumnoff7Pierian1910Moscow------
Skryabin3 pieces: 1E-flat Major451905Conradi2 Pierian------------
Skryabin3 pieces: 2---521906Pouishnoff1 Pierian1926---------
BeethovenElegiac song---1181814Ambrosian, LSO, MTT7Columbia1975---***Chips. Fresher than ever on CD.
BeethovenOpferlied---121b1824Lorna Haywood, LSO, MTT8Columbia1975---***Chips. Attractive.
BeethovenBundeslied---1221824Ambrosian, LSO, MTT4Columbia1975---***Chips. Enjoyable.
BeethovenCalm Sea and Prosperous Voyage---1121815 Ambrosian, LSO, MTT 9Columbia1975---***Highly original 1st half.
WaltonSymphony #1b-flat minor---1935CBSO, Rattle 44EMIOct 1990---****Precision and freedom.
TchaikovskyConcert FantasiaG Major561884Donohoe, Bournemouth SO, Barshai28EMI1989---------
MahlerSymphony #8 "1E3"E-flat Major---1906Heather Harper, Popp, Auger, Yvonne Minton, Helen Watts, Kollo, Shirley-Quirk, Martti Talvela, CSO, Solti80Decca1971Sofiensaal***Primary. Searing intensity, overwhelming, lacking in Tennstedt. Vivid. Immediate soloists. Cherishable illumination. Urgent and dynamic. Irresistible, earth-shattering. More consistent soloists than T.
MozartEpistle Sonata #8A Major2251780------ ------------before lachian
Shostakovich3 Fantastic DancesC Major51920 Shostakovich3Symposium------------
ShostakovichPiano Trio #2e minor671944Oistrakh, Milos Sadlo, Shostakovich24Symposium------------
ShostakovichString Quartet #3F Major731946Beethoven Qt36Symposium------------
ShostakovichChildren's Tetrad---691945Shostakovich 4Symposium------------
BachMassb minor2321749Schwarzkopf, Marga Hoffgen, Gedda, Heinz Rehfuss, Philh O, Karajan127EMI1953------ ---
SmetanaFrom the Home Country: 2g minorT1281880James Ehnes, Eduard Laurel5Analekta2004---------
SukFour Pieces: 1---171900Suk, Panenka7 Supraphon2004---------
BoessetUna musiqua------1629Le Poeme Harmonique 4Alpha2004---------
SchubertPsalm 23---7061820King's College, Cambridge, Stephen Cleobury5EMI2004---------
HandelOrlando: II:1 ---HWV311733Fleming, OAE, Harry Bicket3Decca2004---------
ShostakovichSymphony #13 "Babiy Yar"b-flat minor1131962 Marius Rintzler, Concg O, Haitink65Decca1984---*** R: magnificent, resonant, superb. Outstandingly brilliant and full sound. In weight and dark intensity CBSO cannot match H.
StravinskyPiano Sonata------1924Stravinsky11 Nimbus------------
ProkofievSarcasms: 1,2---171914Prokofiev4 NimbusDec 1919---------
MozartWurfelspielC Major516f1787Marriner, Erik Smith 6PhilipsJul 1990---***Result, alas, is a damp squib.