Powder Monkey Music

Ty Hardaway & Rich Walkling created, own and operate Powder Monkey Music. Powder Monkey Recording Company [PMRC, get it?] is "Powder Monkey Music/BFP", or "PMM/BFP". We make original music, we perform live and mix concerts, we record and distribute our music, we publicize our music. We are indirectly involved in the publication business (electronic, photographic and print).

Founded in 1986, Powder Monkey Music (PMM) exclusively serves all BUSINESS functions for "the Kingdom of Leisure", or "tKoL" (pronounced: "tee-cole"). "the Kingdom of Leisure", and "tKoL" are trademarks of PMM/BFP. And, "tripgrass" is a trademark of PMM/BFP too. We have a clear relationship with: "Smelly Hell", "The Zone", "Stereo Jesus" "tKoL.net" , "Monkeyboy" and "Judge Brennan". We obviously claim trademark to the tKoL albums "From the Corner", "Welcome to...the Kingdom of Leisure", "This is the New America" & "One Fine Ride."

There's probably more. We have lawyers.

All rights reserved for images, sounds, words and performances by the Kingdom of Leisure. Thanks.

The logos ( & & ), are trademarks too.

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