We sure as hell don't know where the original Leisure man is, but you can tell us if you see him.

As a tKoL public service you can report any Uday sightings directly to tKoL central and we'll report it right here at:

Uday is tKoL. Where's Uday?

Drop us a line and let us know what you know. After all, it's Uday!

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 Here's the Latest - Uday Update

Mid-March 1999

* Email in early March:
Alright, so I haven't checked this site in a while and eprhaps the pictures are getting a liitle out of hand.
I got into Georgetown for a Ph.D. program so you might see me sooner than you think. As always, I Love YOU guys!!!!! Talk to you soon . Uday
* Mid-September - Loose Duke calls for help. Has had to kick Uday out after all-night, non-stop binge. We hope he stays away from us.
* 13 AUG 98 - Loose Duke from San Francisco sends the following photo [ click ]. Really spooky.
The backwards section:
1) Stalker Andrew reports seeing Uday in The Village, NYC, July 1997.
2) Annonymous submission: August, 1997, spotted boarding a train in Portland, OR with blond hair.
3) December, 1997 Last remaining Boston phone number disconnected.
4) E-mail, February 24, 1998. "Well hello. I am Swaminathan Srindivanigab, and I am writing because I have some very delicious information about this Uday of whom you ask where. Well, it just so happens that when I went down to the store to pick up some nice lentil for my dal, and of course, a healthy dose of spice for my wife to make her chapati and naan, they are breads where I come from, well, there was this boy. He certainly did look very lost. And to him I asked, "Boy, why is it you look so lost?"
This I asked him with the best intention, and he said, "Dude." And laughed this small, chuckle. And continued, "Well, I'm lookin for this guy and he's supposed to be picking me up, but I think he'[s going to just leave me here at the airport to die." To which, I answered, "I do not think this is so, my friend." And to this day, I don't know why I was at the airport."
5) March, 1998. Uday makes contact with tKoL. Calls from Boston. Does not leave phone number. Confirms that he is still in grad school but starting new job soon.
6) April, 1998. Uday makes contact with tKoL. Calls from Boston. Does leave phone number. Confirms that he has started new job, wants copies of "New America."
7) E-mail, July 28, 998: "Just cruising your site with "the stalker" (Ettinger), who works...with me.
Great site! My Uday story: I heard Uday was supposed to pick up one my friends at Logan and just never showed up - nor showed up the whole wknd. Sounds right.
Looks like you guys are doing well. Hope to see you when I come down to visit.



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