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Turakina Maori Girls College (T.M.G.C.) is a girl's boarding high school in Marton, New Zealand. Founded in Turakina on 13 April 1905 by the Presbyterian Church of NZ, the school transferred to Marton in 1927, the dorms and administration areas being rebuilt by 1983. More than 2,500 girls have had the privilege to acknowledge T.M.G.C. as alma mater, and we hail from many cultures throughout NZ and the Pacific.

Friends of T.M.G.C. Association

Established 1957 by Miss Pat McChesney, the Friends of T.M.G.C. Assoc. is a church based organisation that assists T.M.G.C. through their sales of items like Christmas cards, Gala Days and other fundraising events, or by direct giving.

Over the years, the association has helped raise funds for assets, buildings, fences, netball courts, trips and every year they give a scholarship to a girl which she retains as long as she remains at school. Mrs Shirley Cormack now leads the Friends of T.M.G.C. Association.

If you would like to support this group and become a member, the membership fee is $NZ 5.00 per annum, you will also receive 2-3 newsletters a year. If you are interested in joining, the address of the Treasurer is:

Mrs Lynne Gibbs
21 Milne St

Fundraising for new T.M.G.C. Gymnasium

The T.M.G.C. Board of Trustees is currently fundraising for a new $NZ 1 million school gymnasium that will house all sporting and recreational events for the girls during the school term. The future gym will be built behind the swimming pool and close to the school fields. For more information, please contact the

T.M.G.C. Board of Trustees.
Turakina Maori Girls' College
PO Box 39

T.M.G.C. Culture Competition

Congratulations to Kowhai and Manawa School Houses for your win of the 2003 Culture Night competition - excellent going girls! However now is not the time for resting on your laurels, knowing both Rangiora and Taupata school houses - they will be practicing hard to beat you this year!

T.M.G.C.- Old Girls Contacts List

The school archivist is making a contacts list of past pupils for T.M.G.C. She invites the old girls to write her, fill in the form provided for you and return the form by post or email to the address below.

Please write enclosing your name, address and the number of forms you require, for yourself and any other old girls you are able to contact, to:

T.M.G.C. Old Girls Form
c/o Heather Mataamua
8 Stirling Street

T.M.G.C.- Centenary Date Changed to 22-25 Oct 2005

Please read the following statement from Karen Smith.

Special Rose Tribute for T.M.G.C.'s Centenary

Three hundred gold roses have been propogated as a fundraiser for T.M.G.C.'s Centenary on 22-25 Oct 2005. This special and loving tribute to our kura is available at the cost of $NZ 20-25.

For further details, please contact T.M.G.C.'s School Office with the number of roses you would like to order.

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T.M.G.C. Old Girls Association

T.M.G.C. has an Old Girls Association who have held a number of Hui over the past year. Please see the following webpages for the details... Minutes to previous Old Girls Association Hui and Centenary 2005 Draft Programme Details.

Past Pupils Online Reunion

Please list yourself among other past pupils so that your old school buddies may contact you from around the globe.

Past Pupils A - M | Past Pupils N - Z

T.M.G.C. Memories Message Board

If you would like to share with us your memories of the time you spent at T.M.G.C., update us on fundraising events not covered on this page, or leave your memories of the school's graces or the song's we sang, please leave your message on our board.

T.M.G.C. - Old Girls E-mail Group

Let us know how and what you're doing now, or share your memories with other former pupils on the group.

Subscribe to the Old Girls e-mail group
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In Memorium

Our remembrance page for former staff and pupils who will not be able to return for T.M.G.C.'s Centenary 2005 Reunion celebrations.


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