Aino Senshi

With my own hand I shall defeat the darkness
Yes, to this end I must continue to fight
Awaken now Aino Senshi!
----- Lyrics to Aino Senshi

Who are the Aino Senshi?

The Aino Senshi are a group of Sailor Moon fans of all ages who have band together to form their own team of warriors. The Aino Senshi do not exclude on the basics of gender or fan sects. Even non-views are welcomed. No Anti-moonies though please. We want to keep relations as friendly as possible.

The origin of Aino Senshi

Aino Senshi is Japanese for warriors of love and is based on the Sailor Moon R back ground song of the same name. Despite common belief it is not the same Aino as in Aino Minako, Sailor Venus, and should be properly written as Ai no Senshi, but for aesthetic purposes is not. In my pre-internet days *oh nostalgia* I wrote a series of Aino Senshi related fan fictions which became the basis of this web page. These historical documents are available for anyone insane enough to ask and total over 500 pages.

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