Here's my collection of animation cels for your viewing pleasure... so just click on the links to be zoomed to the anime page where the cels are located! Please don't take any of my images without asking. I've spent alot of time scanning them in.

On buying and trading ... it seems there's been some confusion about my site. This is my GALLERY. The cel on this page are in my private, personal, (mine, mine, mine!) collection. Occasionally, I'll put a few cels up for sale/trade on my For Sale page. Once in a blue moon I will entertain a trade offer (please see my wishlist) but be ready to be turned down. I love these cels (especially my LU cels) and hate the idea of parting with them (unless you have something amazing to trade). If you want to tempt fate and make me an offer to buy, sell or trade from my personal gallery, please email me!

Please take a look at my wish list here!






Cels for Trade/Sale


This page has been UPDATED on 28 December, 2001. Okay, so it's been awhile since I've done any updating. Well today is the first of probably several MAJOR updates. Today I've UPDATED the SAILOR MOON section with 30+ cels. I've had to divide them up a bit (and probably need to further divide). The download time may be long for those with slower modem connection but it's well worth the wait. Enjoy! More cels to come ... Please be patient! I've STILL got tons of scanning to do!

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