Gorgeous Manga Pics ...

Setsuna has opened the doors of Haven to her senshi friends and they'd welcome a visit from you in their abodes!

Setsuna's Manga Haven The Lovebirds' Nest Saturn's Celestial Temple
The Inner Senshi Mansion The Grotto The Catbox
Wicked Lady's Lair A Little Shrine to Chibichibi and Chibiusa Helios' Paradise
Misc. Manga Pics

I've made another LARGE addition to the manga pics. All links are now open. ~_~ Many, many, many more pics will be added as soooooon as I can scan them in and update the pages!

I've spent alot of time scanning all these manga pics in and if you've done it yourself you know how absolutely boring it can be. Please do not take any of them without asking first! I'll probably say 'yes' anyway but it's a nice courtesy to ask. ~_*

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