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It seems to have been my month for finding pricey wishlist cels plus I need to pay for another trip to the UK this summer! Of course that means some cels have to go to make room for my new finds. So here's your chance to snatch up some really great (and a few REALLY hard to find) cels! More will be added so check back often!!! Shipping is $3.50 for US priority mail with insurance being extra. If you live outside the US the cost will be more (email for details). Right now the only form of payment I really want to take is Paypal. I hate them as much as you do but it's a faster transaction and now they offer more credit cards. I really don't want to risk the mail these days since most of mine gets fed through NYC. Sorry.

For more info about any of these cels please email me! Many of these cels include pencils, backgrounds, timesheets etc. Email for condition of cels too! I'll be happy to double check the condition. All my cels have been keep in celbooks away from direct light and humidity so they're in great condition (or at least in the same condition when I got them)! If you have problems with a high graphics pages (such as this one!) click hereand you can manually browse among text descriptions.

$20 #D20with partially stuck sketch $100 oversized, with sketch $75 multilayer B1 key, D13 w/ sketch $50 #D32, nonmatch sketch
$35 #B37with sketch $300 #A3 with sketch $850 #A17 with sketch $125
$450 #A4 with laser bkgd $450 #A51 with correction cel $60 #A5 with bkgd $60 #A25 with bkgd

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