My Tips and Tricks Page

Welcome to my tips and tricks section for having everything organized the right way. I will show you how you should have your programs organized on your desktop for easy access. As you look at the desktop on the left you see how everything is organized correctly. Each folder has the programs in it groups by catagory. This is how it is done.

As you see here.Everything that has editing tools is in the desktop enhancements folder. As shown here.This is how you should group things. It does take a long time for it to be done but at the end you have a very organized desktop were you are able to access your programs with ease.

By right clicking on the start menu and opening up the folder group you want to make a short cut to. Right click on it and then click paste shortcut.[Used as an example, you can use any folder in the start menu] Anything that was grouped on the start menu is now grouped as a shortcut icon. But you do not want to use that ugly icon. You might want to use an icon that is associated with the grouped folder as you can see on my desktop. This is easy to do but it takes a lot of time. Just do it a bit at a time if you find that it is to much.

As you can see every program has it's own folder grouped in the catagory of the program. Were Card Games are the folder has all of the shortcuts to card games, but instead of having to go to the start menu and threw all of the folders you can just click the card games folder and there are all of your card game programs from the start menu but now much easyer to get to and quicker.

As for your color mode you should now set your computer to16-bit color because 256 color looks crappy when you are doing web browsing. The only problem is if you have older programs that need 256 you will need to set and restart which is a pain. If you have a lot of these programs then you should leave it on 256 but if you find the web look like crap and get new games that require 16-bit then leave it on there and do not use the 256 color games. Try instead if they have a dos version, because dos programs run no matter what your color settings are in win95. Do not do what many people do and set you computer higher than 16-bit color because your display is going to look the same and many 16-bit color games will not run on anything higher.
That is my desktop tips for now. Visit my main page because I have icons that can be used for the desktop from my icon set.