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Hello there. I am honoured to know that someone has come to my fanfic page. I am still only a beginner at writing fanfic.
I wrote my first real piece in July 1999. (I actually wrote one a few years ago as a joke to shock my Scotch-drinking friend!! This was before I was even aware of the existence of fanfic!) After watching "Milagro", I had a dream about what may have happened in the Scully and Mulder universe, and was encouraged by a few of my X-Files friends to write this dream down. I tried this, and found that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and that the story took on a life of it's own!!!). Since then, my mind has been racing with ideas for further stories, so I added a page to my website to house them (eventually).
Although, in the real world, I do not believe Scully and Mulder should have a sexual relationship (yet), I think the rules can be changed for fanfic, as that is what fanfic is all about - exploring all the different options/ timelines/ outcomes that have been presented to us by Chris Carter and his minions. But I am a firm believer that Scully and Mulder will never get married! Mulder does not come across as the type to go through any kind of marriage ceremony, and although Scully does have some religious beliefs, I still do not believe she would even seriously consider marrying Mulder. If anything, when the time is right, they may contemplate a de-facto kind of arrangement. Mulder and Scully are too rebellious to follow any set guidelines, and will find it very difficult to change their current nomadic lifestyle and 'settle down'. There! I have finally said it!!
I am very dialogue orientated. I also prefer character-directed pieces. I don't know if I can write a 'case-file', but maybe one day I will attempt one. Many thanks to my special friends Yoko and Boxers for their initial encouragement, without this I may have ignored my inner yearnings and stagnated.
During December 1999, I joined a fanfic discussion group, which has been fun, entertaining, educational, stimulating and very supportive. This experience has spurred me on further, and I have developed some confidence in my abilities, and improvement in my writing style. (VBEG)
March 18th, 2000
OK, here's the latest news. I have finally had a serious discussion with the Punctuation Police, and we have come to a consensus. It has been agreed that I am overly fond of commas and exclamation marks. I fully admit to this! Through intense therapy, my obsessive-compulsive urges to run roit with these little fellows has finally been addressed, and I have established a set of coping mechanisms to refrain from excessive uses in the future. As part of this deep-massage therapy, I will also need to attend to some intensive housekeeping in regard to previously posted stories. So, please bear with me over the next month, as I pull down each story one by one to edit them.
I will add an ammended date to each story when it has been reposted, so that you can keep track of what has and hasn't been treated with sandpaper. Thanks for bearing with me during this period.
PAGE UPDATED: November 22nd, 2000 - new story added.

* General Stories

Autopsy This
A short stand-alone piece of fluff written October 1999. Rated NC-17 for ST.
Blundht Edge of the Knife
Yoko asked me to write a conversation between Mulder and Scully that broached a sensitive issue. March 2000. Rated PG-13.
Find The Truth
A very short response to a challenge to write a love letter. January 2000. Rated PG-13.
If It Were My Story! (Boxer's Response)
This short story came about after a friend had read Autopsy This, and wanted me to change the ending. I refused, of course, and wrote this to appease her. And yes, she was quite happy with this version!! December 1999. Rated R for Sexual References.
Kahlua and Milk
Scully makes an error in judgement.
November, 2000. Rated PG-13 for language.

Much Ado About Nothing, Really!
A short stand-alone piece of angst written in December, 1999. Rated R for SR.
Scratches Soothe Me
How well do we communicate when barriers are erected?
Written May, 2000. Rated PG-13.

Stay or Leave
Ok - I finally fixed up the first ever piece I ever wrote. It is stand-alone piece of fluff originally written in 1995, but re-edited November, 1999. Rated NC-17 for ST.

* Multi-Part Stories, Series, (and a few WIP's).

Breaking Away
A five parter, started July 1999. The first four parts are rated NC-13 for MSR. I'll let you know about the fifth part as soon as I have decided which way to - these still have not been pulled down and re-edited, so excuse the poor grammer.

S.W. & 7 D's (aka 7 Steps to Apple Pancakes).
A seven parter, started January 2000.
I originally wrote these under a different title, but when I went to post them here I decided to change the story name to something less obvious. Why? Because when I did a search to verify that my memory of the dwarf names was still correct, the search led me to a few decent sites, plus a few rather raunchy and rather scary sites. It worried me that any kidling could be doing a valid search of their favourite Disney characters and be led to a porno site (ugghh), so I removed myself from that scenario completely.
Anyway, each part has a different rating, and all are MSR. They are all very short pieces, and are from Scully POV.
April 2, 2000 - all 8 stories have been pulled down, re-edited and reposted. I will be conducting a memorium tonight for the removed commas and exclamation marks.

True Blue Austr-alien
May 2000.
After a multi-cultural discussion on Scullyfic, Nicknoc and I decided to write a joint story.
Nicknoc wrote Part One, I wrote Part Two.

155 Words
March 2000.
I stumbled across this genre of fanfic recently and decided to have a go.
The idea is to write a story using only 155 words. It is a lot of fun, and quite a challenge. Also very addictive.

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Special Thanks goes to all the following, for their encouragement, support, chats, enthusiasm, prancing and ego-stroking.
Yoko, Bokers, Cryst, Diana, Jean, Dolphin, Skeptic, MountainPhile and DD4Me.