The Road to El Dorado (Disney)

summary by Anna V.

by Anna V.

In Spain, 1521, two men were betting money with loaded dice. When they were going for the map of El Dorado, they had to use different dice. They still got a seven.

The people got angry at them and chased them onto a ship. They were trapped. Miguel convinced a horse, named El Divo to bring them keys so they could escape. They got into a rowboat with El Divo and ended up on a foreign island.

That island was where El Dorado was. Tullio and Miguel followed the map. They came upon a large stone carving. The natives found them and brought them to El Dorado.

Because Miguel and Tullio “stopped the volcano” the people thought they were gods. The people offered lots of gold to them.

Just then, the ship that Miguel and Tullio had escaped from arrived on the island.

A girl named Chel found out that they were not gods. She promised not to tell if she was allowed to go to Spain with them.

Tullio said to lay low so they would not get caught. Miguel went out anyway. He started playing with the children.

Tullio came to stop him and bring him back to the temple. Just then the priest took them to a big ball court to play a professional game. They had never played it before so they were really bad at it.

Chel gave them an armadillo to use as a ball. The armadillo only went through the hoop when Tullio and Miguel threw him. They won the game by one point.

The priest saw Miguel bleeding so he knew they were not gods. He brewed a potion that made him control a giant jaguar statue. The jaguar rampaged the city. Tullio and Miguel pushed him and the jaguar into the sacrificial well.

The priest lived and found the Spanish army. He started leading them to El Dorado.

El Divo saw the smoke from the army showed it to Miguel. Tullio had an idea. It was that he and Chel would escape on the boat with the gold and the people of El Dorado would knock down the two large pillars.

While doing so, the pillars started falling toward the boat. Miguel jumped on the boat and pulled down the sails that were stuck. The boat got away safely.

When the boat was falliMiguel and Tullio lost all their gold, but they lived. Also, thng down the rapids the people had to jump out. e Spanish army never found El Dorado.

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