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7/22/03- Corpus Christi, SanAntonio, KiteSurfing!!!
7/15/03- Started to study oracle one hour per day to win bet with Will
6/15/03 - Started training for triathalon
6/2/03 - took off winter coat & raincoat for the 1st time since I was home.
3/15/03-5/01/03 Diego Garcia and Hawaii trip for Work!  Islands during the Winter!
2/14/03 Dug out Whitetail Ski lifts during snowstorm.
1/10/03 Broke up with Aaron.
1/5/03  To connecticut for Snowstorm at Andy's cabin.  My truck made it up the mtn.
11/30/02 Thanksgiving in Chicago for Wedding.  Drove Lexus through ditch in snowstorm.  Missed  my 10 yr highschool reunion.
8/17/02 Fair
6/2/2002 My birthday!   FRI  Tapa at Jaleo in DC.  Comedy Sportz comedy club.  SAT Wine Festival, Carlos and Jesses  BBQ,  SUN HBriding, PEC Picnic, BBQ my house.  Suprise party with picture of people working on my house on the cake!  Tool wrapping paper!
5/19/2002  California!  Rented Mustang GT converable.  Camping down the coast.  Stopped at hearst Castle!  Went to San Francisco to hang off the trolleys in the rain!   Drank wine and ate choc in the cave tours at Napa Valley.
5/2002 Phongs Bridal Shower!
5/15/2002 Moved into my apartment in DC!  Moved stuff from Fairmont, Aarons, and Moms!  5/7/2002 Helped Aaron Move.
4/20/02 Yvonnes bday!
3/15, 4/15 Tried to Sublet Apartment. No dice.
2/26/2002 Fast Eddies for Brian's Bday!
2/15/2002  Rented Condo in DC!  Apartment!
2/4/2002 To Lisa's for fun party in the HotTub.  Windy Wine night!
1/4-1/7-/2002 Connecticut at Andy's cabin with Harley, Jen, Mike, Aa, Johanna, Dave, +!
12/2001-3/2002  Ski Patrol!  Got my red jacket as a certified snowboard patroller in Feb 2002!  9/2001-12/2001  Medical Training for Emergency Outdoor Technician!  12/14 Party.
12/15  SHOOTING STAR NIGHT!  Watched the Meteor Shower at Whitetail.
11/9/2001 BIG CAMPING TRIP where no forest fires were allowed. :(   But we saw a ton of forest fires on the way!  stay at Whitetail mtn 2nd night where we watched a fire all night.
10/31/01 Three Halloween Parties!!! Again this year!  Rebeccas party for soccer
10/16/01 Ski Swap!  SkiChalet!
9/9/01  September Gaulley Trip!! Rafting!  22 people or so!  Yeah!
8/15?   Kayak at Yough River
8/14  Camping for GA's Bday!   Greenridge!
8/5  Camping trip in WVA at campsite with Showers!@#$!
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