Name: Tanya Strasburg







Subject Area


George Mason Univ.

December, 2000

Systems Engineering


George Mason Univ.

May, 1997

Decision Science / Management Information Systems






Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

In Progress.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

February 2000.

Microsoft Certified Professional

December 1998.







Oracle Database Administration

DB-training, Inc.


SQL Server Administration

KEI, Inc.


Advanced Technical Writing

Northern Virginia Community College


Microsoft Networking Training

Comprehensive Technologies, Inc.


Information Technology Acquisition

Management Concepts Incorporated


Project Management Training




Staff Level:            Member of the Technical Staff – B


Clearance:            Immigration and Naturalization Service Clearance

                        DEA Sensitive (inactive)


Relevant Experience:

Ms. Strasburg has mastered a very diverse set of technical and business skills throughout her ten years in the work force.  These skills vary to include marketing, management, and technical support.

Ms. Strasburg is experienced in an array of subjects including programming, statistics, simulation modeling, and artificial intelligence.  She has a thorough working knowledge of a wide range of software tools including Visual Basic, C++, COBOL, Pascal, FuzzyTECH (artificial intelligence), SPSS (statistical manipulation), GPSS/H (simulation modeling and analysis), CORE, Project Manager, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Outlook, Lotus Notes, dBase IV, Quattro Pro, 4th Dimension, Access, TurboCad, Webload, Visio, Power Point, Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark Express.

Ms. Strasburg has experience with requirements gathering and analysis, process modeling, use case modeling (Rational Rose/UML), technology assessments, user interface design, system design, test plan development, training materials development, and preparation of system documentation.  She has knowledge and experience in all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In particular, her knowledge and experience includes Business Process Modeling, Requirements Gathering, Test Plan development, conducting Feasibility Studies/Market Surveys/Alternatives Analyses, and Training Materials development.  

In addition to System Analysis, she has an increasing knowledge of troubleshooting and implementing multi-operating system clients and Microsoft NT servers in a networked environment.  She has become proficient at designing and programming databases using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.


PEC SOLUTIONS, INC.  January 2000 - Present

Member of the Technical Staff – B     Supervisor: Brian Evans

(703) 273-9880


From/To: 01/00 to Present

Experience Title: Member of the Technical Staff – B

Customer: Integrated Common Interface (ICI), Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)

Description: ICI is a web application capable of querying and presenting data from five different mainframe applications onto one consolidated web page.   Enhancing the user interface utilizing HTML, ASP, and VBScript.   Maintenance of Window NT and SQL Server.  Assisting in developing and maintaining accuracy of User Manual, Maintenance Manual, Systems Administration Manual and Testing Manual.  Developing a training program to educate users on the usage of the ICI system as well as the client browser functionality, which provides web-to-host technology.


PEC SOLUTIONS, INC.         July 1999 – January 2000

Member of the Technical Staff – B     Supervisor: Barbara Underhill

(703) 273-9880


From/To: 07/98 to 07/00

Experience Title: Member of the Technical Staff – B

Customer: Microsoft Access Support, Loudoun County

Description: Identified current functionality and future requirements for improving existing database.  Enhanced the usability and flexibility of Access applications by reviewing and refining data gathering and import procedures, reports, forms, graphs, security, data integrity, and menu switchboards.  Migrated mission critical database applications to Microsoft Access 97 from Access 2.0.  Incorporated verification features to ensure the quality of the data.  Developed and incorporated user level security features.  Developed user and technical documentation detailing the added functionality of the system.  Provided user training on the Access applications and new functionality.  Budgeted resources and estimate task resource requirements while developing task management plan.


From/To: 01/99 to 01/00

Experience Title: Member of the Technical Staff – B

Customer: Y2K Medicare Data Center Review Support, Health Care Finance Administration

Description: Advised and consulted designs of database, which contained monthly compliance updates for datacenters countrywide.  Performed requirement analysis for database of Y2K Compliance records.  Designed an automated set of procedures for populating Y2K Compliance Database.  Modified and developed advanced queries and reports as requested.


PEC SOLUTIONS, INC.   January 1998 – July 1999

Associate Member of the Technical Staff      Supervisor: Barbara Underhill

(703) 273-9880


From/To: 01/99 to 04/99

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Loan Application Processing - Best Practices, Department of Education

Description: Provided benchmark information to the Department of Education (ED) loan application processing operations.  Outlined the requirements associated with the loan application processes.  Obtained cost information and process methodology for regional and nationwide printing and fulfillment facilities.  Performed general evaluation of various companies’ resources and capabilities to select those capable of handling services related to ED’s loan application processing.   Visited companies who used high technology solutions for printing and fulfillment services.   Developed documentation of the printing and mailing best practices.


From/To: 10/98 to 12/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Public Access Network, United States Administrative Office of the Courts

Description: Evaluated the system configuration, telecommunication hardware and software, and Internet services for a nation-wide network allowing the public to access court records from the Internet.  Tested the security, performance, site administration, usage, accessibility and reliability at four installation sites.  Analyzed quantitative and non-quantifiable factors to assess the progress of the implementation.  Assisted with Cost Benefit Analysis by determining the benefits to be compared to the Internet costs.  Composed a report of all acquired results and assisted in the composition of an assessment report.


From/To: 07/98 to 12/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Year 2000 Compliance Support, Veterans Health Administration

Description: Advised and consulted co-workers on the design of a database storing monthly compliance updates of critical medical equipment.  Consulted coworkers on methods for statistical reporting and provided training in SPSS software usage.   Developed application using Visual Basic to automate the entry of monthly reports.


From/To: 01/98 to 12/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Electronic Courtroom of the Future, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

Description: Reviewed database of information submitted by attorneys, jurors, courtroom deputies, and clerks to determine technology requirements, appropriate uses, and legal restrictions of various types of technology.  Analyzed requirements for technology in Federal courtrooms and participates in configuring equipment, to include PCs with access to external information sources, video evidence, video conferencing, and real-time transcription equipment to meet customer needs.


PEC SOLUTIONS, INC.        June 1997 – January 1999

Associate Member of the Technical Staff      Supervisor: Brad Wootten

(703) 273-9880

From/To: 03/98 to 07/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            State Occupational Tax, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Description: Determined validity of alternative methods for the acquisition and maintenance of data for businesses that posses an alcohol license.  Built automated process to compare independent statewide tax data to the current data stored in the nation wide ATF system.  Developed a program macro to automate the acquisition, manipulation, configuration and organization of each different set of data into a cohesive, uniform new database.  Performed statistical comparisons based on a variety of factors.  Developed technical documentation concerning the automated process.  Developed user-friendly interface.


From/To: 09/97 to 03/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Integrated Library System, Administrative Office of the United States Courts

Description: Acquired applicable data from the Libra and Lawman databases and manipulate these into a new database that involves all information about lawbook spending.  Developed a program macro that will run SPSS syntax for the acquisition, manipulation, configuration and organization of several different sets of data into a cohesive, uniform database.  Analyzed data using the advanced statistical functions of SPSS to determine factors that effect the costs related to purchasing library materials.   Furnished reports and charts using SPSS, PowerPoint and various software applications.


From/To: 10/97 to 02/98

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Electronic Case Files, Administrative Office of the United States Courts

Description: Identified operational and functional requirements, which are common to all court types and specific to particular court types for case-related information in the courts.  Reviewed specific applications, existing prototypes, application documentation, problem logs, and documentation of past studies.  Documented aspects of demonstrations of the current systems and applications and extracted pertinent information from user documentation.  Assisted in writing reports detailing the differences between the functionality currently available in the case management and ancillary systems and the functionality desired by the courts but not currently provided.


From/To: 08/97 to 09/97

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Classified

Description: Researched and interviewed various contracting officials who administer government contracts dealing with facility management.  Supported the client base by preparing data for cost/price analysis on differing acquisitions and request for changes (RFC).  Acquired and prepared data for cost evaluations and models, benefit/cost analysis, and evaluation of contract type.


From/To: 07/97 to 07/97

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            AMBS, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

Description: Developed a set of automated tools for tracking project resources and providing data to accomplish managerial reporting of the staff effort contributed on several client projects.  Provided several types of analysis models by using arrays, conditional statements, and pivot tables.


From/To: 06/97 to 06/97

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            Treasury Communications System, Department of Treasury

Description: Assisted in the development of an integration plan for the Treasury Communications Systems (TCS) that proved the cost effectiveness of the enterprise-wide information system for treasury bureaus.  Verified the location of the tables and charts within the deliverable document.  Combined statistics from several Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams into a master WordPerfect Document.  Assisted the project manager with quality assurance by confirming the descriptiveness and legitimacy of the content.


From/To: 06/97 to 06/97

Experience Title: Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Customer:            ED/SFA Integrated Computing Environment, Department of Education

Description: Provided acquisition support for the transition of the current National School Loan Data System (NSLDS) contract to a new contract, which will involve the complete integration of all Student Financial Aid systems.  Summarized the specifications from an umbrella contract, Virtual Data Center Services (VDCS) and the previous NSLDS contract.   Compared the requirements of the current NSLDS contract to the specifications of VDCS.  Assisted with drafting a Statement of Work for present and future requirements for the large-scale database system.



Electronic Classroom Consultant     Supervisor: John Gray

703-908-0723 (home)

From/To: 06/96 to 06/97

Experience Title:                 Electronic Classroom Consultant

Customer:             N/A

Description:  Established communication for interactive teaching between UVA and GMU with Liveboard, Polycom, and Proshare Video Conferencing Software.  Installed new equipment and software on IBM Compatible and Macintosh Computers.  Introduced and guided professors in the use of audio and video presentation media.  Analyzed, designed and implemented design structure for media wiring within a classroom.  Upgraded PC operating systems to Windows NT 4.0 and provided user training to both faculty and fellow employees.  Upgraded Macintosh operating systems and installed COTS software.  Analyzed and designed a decision support system to assist supervisors with determining specifications and costs of a wide range of media equipment to be installed in classrooms.


PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY, INC. August 1996 – November1996

LAN and Voice Communication Intern    Supervisor: Sean Boyd

       (703) 848-3400



Experience Title:



08/96 to 11/96 

LAN and Voice Communication Intern


Assisted LAN Administrator with trouble shooting and maintenance of the LAN, PBX system and over fifty networked computers.  Additionally provided technical support to fellow employees.  Installed five new PC’s including wiring and network configuration.  Converted all desktop computers from individual IP addresses to a DHCP server.


O'CONNELL MEIER, INC.    July 1995 – July 1996

Marketing Assistant    Supervisor: Richard Meier

       (703) 739-2266

From/To: 07/95 to 06/96 

Experience Title:                 Marketing Assistant

Customer:                 AFCEA, FMA, CMI, and others

Description: O’Connell Meier is a marketing communications agency specializing in designing materials for  conferences, trade shows, and web pages for various government agencies.  Assisted Project Managers in attracting new clients by maintaining database and coordinating timely mailings to targeted prospective clients.  Assisted Project Manager with constructing weekly production schedule for design personnel.  Introduced innovative ideas for improving working environment, current marketing processes, and existing database systems.  Additionally provided technical support to fellow employees.  Assisted Project Manager with the invoicing for over fifteen clients.



Lab Consultant    Supervisor: Paul Taylor

       (703) 993-1000


Experience Title:



05/95 to 06/96 

Lab Consultant


Provided technical support to students with problems involving software, e-mail, network, file transfer, and programming.  Installed virus protection software using automated batch files.  Assisted with system configuration of twenty PC computers on a small network.  Determined the causes of network and printing errors and assisted with repair.




Professional Assistant    Supervisor: Greg Pappas

       (800) 336-4567


Experience Title:



08/92 to 06/95 

Computer and Marketing Assistant


Performed a variety of offices tasks.  Coordinated advertising mailings within subsections of Fairfax County.   Designed and produced advertisements and brochures for listed homes.  Maintained separate personal and work budgets using Quicken software.




Co-owner of distribution franchise    Supervisor: None



Experience Title:



07/93 to 07/94 



Rainhandler is a nationwide corporation that is currently selling franchises to local distributors.  Developed and maintained budget and future business plans for the company.  Performed weekly update for inventory of all equipment.  Purchased and maintained company vehicle, office materials, and computer.  Established advertising plan and created flyers.  Hired, trained, and assigned personnel to projects.  Drafted proposals for all projects involving work specification and budget planning.


OHIO SPORTS CORPORATION June 1992 – August 1992

Field and Planning Coordinator    Supervisor: Don Boatwright



Experience Title:



06/92 to 08/92 

Field and Planning Coordinator


Lead five field personnel who built and maintained tennis courts and fencing in six different locations.   Organized work schedules for personnel and hiring temporary personnel as needed.  Provided transportation to and from project sites.  Determined personnel and budget schedule for new projects.  Assisted owner with processing proposals and developing master company budget.  Assisted owner with developing future plans and outlooks for the company.