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EVERY WEDNESDAY, roller blading in DC!
EVERY SATURDAY, Soccer in Fairfax
EVERY SAT and SUN 7-10,  Kayak in the morning (beginner on Sat, experienced on Sun)
EVERY SAT and SUN 11-8, My house -current projects: back deck, tiles, counters in kitchen, and paint interior and exterior.

7/16/2003 April's Bday
8/13/2003 WolfTrap Ani DiFranco
8/15/2003  Prince William Fair, $6 tickets (my family bought 35)
8/17/2003  Bryan Strasburg's Bday.
8/18/2003  WolfTrap again?

9/6/2002 Rafting Gaulley River,  Upper and lower rivers. $150                   includes camping.   Send me an email, and I will send info.
9/13/03 Spring Valley Run: 
9/28/2002 Lums Pond Triathalon:

This years ski trip...  Switzerland?  Whistler?   Anyone willing to plan it?