1995 BMW M3

I don't have a lot of time to write about this car but wanted to at least have a page with a picture of our new car. It's actually my "wife's" car but she lets me drive it sometimes on Sunday as you can see here. :-)

It's not as fast as my Integra but it is also mostly stock. Even with very few mods it's an incredible car and an absolute blast to drive. We bought it from a guy that autocrosses with us so he already had installed custom valved Koni double adjustable shocks with individual compression and rebound adjustments, a drop in K&N filter element and a cat back exhaust system. The car normally has wheels from a 98 M3 with street tires. We also got the stock set of wheels with a set of 245/40-17 Hoosier A3SO3's! WAHOO!!! The car runs in BS and doesn't do too bad but is quite a bit off from being in contention of a FTDI time for an event. I've done 3 events now in the M3. The first one in Phoenix I didn't do very good at all as I had only driven the car a couple times before racing it. It was also my first RWD car I've raced. I raced the car in Tucson and was able to pull a 950 PAX score on STREET TIRES!!! At the last event in Flagstaff I did pretty decent coming in 5th overall for RAW and PAX.

Phoenix (3-10-02)
Tucson (4-2-02)
Flagstaff (6-30-02)