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Before I bought my GSR I really wanted a Type-R but I could not afford it at the time. However over the past several years I have modified the car so much that the performance will blow away a stock Type-R as well as every modified Type-R I've come across so far. The car definitely will out accelerate and with my 8.5" wide Kodiak custom wheels and R-compound tires it will outhandle a Type-R as well. The brakes have been upgraded to 11" units in the front and rears to 10.2".

I'm no longer a drag racer but the last time I went to the strip, the car did a 14.000@99.3mph on a set of crappy 17" street tires (and wheels that weighed over 40 lbs each)! Since then I'm making about 30HP more to the wheels (240whp / 180 ft/lbs). With a set of slicks it should be able to pull some 12 second time slips.

Because of the hybrid 2.0L VTEC setup the car classed in the SCCA Street Modified autox class and competition is real tough. In fact, it's simply too difficult for a heavy Integra (compared to Civic's) or *any* FWD car to competitively compete against the rally cars or M3's that the National events attract. I'll probably look for a different more competitive car to autox and keep the Integra as a toy to play with on the road courses and start doing some Time Attacks with it.

Special thanks goes out to Michael Sy for making my animated gif of my car below.