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It's me. Img size 145x149.


Hi! I'm Tuyana. Thanks for visiting my Web-page :-)

I'm from Russia, to be more exact, from the Buryat Republic which is located on the eastern coast of the lake Baikal. Have you ever heard of it? If you want to see the map click here.

It's my first Web-page and I devoted it to Dad, that is, to his business.

My Dad is a physicist, and a good one.

He's got a few inventions I'm going to tell you about.

It took about 20 years (!), for him to prove here, in Buryatia, that his ideas are reality!

Now he has a few patents, and they successfully inculcated his inventions in some enterprises.

What's the problem, then? - you can say. No problems, but I want you to think of the possibility of the inculcating these inventions at your place - IT'S VERY PROFITABLE! .

If you feel it interesting, follow me :-) >>

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