The following is a list of anchors, reporters and contributors who previously worked on WNBC-TV's news team. They are listed alphabetically. Click on their name to find out where they are now. This page is updated as I find or receive more information. If you would like to contribute email me at the address below.

Cindy Adams
Dana Adams
Tony Aiello(1998-2002)
Marv Albert(1972-87)
Tex Antoine(-1967)
Dr. Jocelyn Appollon(-97)
Phil Barnow
Heather Bernard
Bill Boggs(1992-94)
Anna Bond
Krista Bradford(1996-97)
Dave Browde(1992-96)
Jack Cafferty(1975-89)
Fran Charles(1998-2002)
Allan Chernoff
Mary Civiello(1982-98)
Gloria Clyne
Connie Collins
Jim Collis
Don Criqui
Vince DeLisi
David Diaz(1975-93)
Tom Ellis
Frank Field
Storm Field(1976)
Ira Joe Fisher(1987-94)
John Frankel(1993-95)
Dawn Fratangelo(1991-94)
Tom Frick(-1999)
Betty Furness(1974-96)
Andrew Glassman(1995-99)
Marty Glickman(1982)
Don Gould(1982-92)
Carlos Granda(1993-95)
Roger Grimsby(1987-89)
Tony Guida(1972-81/1984-92)
Pablo Guzman(1993-96)
Andrea Hall
John Hambrick(1980-83)
Pat Harper(1984-90)
Gerald Harrington
Reggie Harris
Jim Hartz
Mike Hegedus(1994-96)
Pat Hernon
Magee Hickey
Michael Hill(1993-)
Chauncey Howell(1974-75)
Carol Jenkins(1974-96)
John Johnson(1995-97)
Katie Kelly(1978-80/1987-89)
Polly Kreisman(2000)
Matt Lauer(1992-96)
Rick Leventhal
Judy Licht
Pia Lindstrom
Felipe Luciano(1979-80)
Kelly Mack(1993-95)
Victor Gill de la Madrid
Dave Marash(1983-85)
Sal Marchiano(1984-94)
Dave Marash(1983-85)
Frank McGee
Marjorie Margolis Mezvinsky
John Miller(1984-97)
Paul Moniz
Clint Morrison
Darby Mullany
John Muller(1997-2000)
George Page
Jim Paymar(1992-93)
Perri Peltz(1988-96)
Michele Dabney-Perez(1993-94)
Julian Phillips
Leonard Probst
Norma Quarles(1971-78)
Bobby Rivers(1992-97)
Gloria Rojas
Al Roker(1983-2000)
Kyle Rote
Art Rust Jr.
Bill Ryan
Jim Ryan
Larry Sacknoff
Dick Schapp(1972-78)
Gene Shalit
Joe Sheehan
Stephanie Shelton
Dean Shepherd(1996-2000)
Jim Van Sickle
Tom Snyder(1974-77)
Will Spens
Sheila Steinback
Roger Stern
Marciarose Stesak(75)
Carl Stokes(1972-80)
Bob Teague 1962-92
Howard Thompson(-1990)
Melba Tolliver(1976-80)
Paul Udell
Glen Walker(1995-2002)
Jim Watkins(1995-98)
Rolanda Watts(1980-85)
Jane Wells
Georgia Witken
Mary Allice Williams
Joe Witte(1983-99)
Lew Wood
Myriam Wright(1996-98)
Lou Young(1990-96)

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