"Ravage Ritual"
"I remember the first war, the way the sky burned, faces of angels destroyed...I saw one third of Heaven's legions banished, and the creation of Hell...I stood with my brothers, and watched Lucifer's fall, only now my brothers are not brothers..." (Eric Stoltz in The Prophecy) (thanks Alex)
"Intro (The Marsh Of Styx)"
"Hell is just a word.  In reality, it is much, much worse." (Sam Neill in Event Horizon)
"Dark Cold Sound"
"He's coming!" "Who's coming?" "Th-the dark...nooooo!" (Jack Noseworth and Jason Isaacs in Event Horizon)
"Man In Cage"
(screams) "Liberate tute me ex infernis!" (Peter Marinker in Event Horizon)
"It shows you things...horrible things." "What does?" "The dark inside me...I won't go back, I won't!" (Jack Noseworthy and Kathleen Quinlan in Event Horizon) (thanks to Walter for all this EH Zao stuff)
"Ghost Psalm"
"You wanna make a deal, like a deal with the devil?" (source unknown) (thanks Walter)


(unclear at 3:02) (Grimaldi in Heavy Metal...or at least that's what Nick thinks, thanks Nick!)
"Lookin' good, boys!" "Donuts!  I got donuts!  I got...hey, I know you!" (Hank Azaria as Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons)
"Perhaps you should be looking at their genitals." (source unknown)
"Waste Of Towels"
"Nobody wanted to know where I wanted to be...I was just a (?) kid in a rough neighborhood." (source unknown)
"Ever drink a guy's piss, huh?"
(source unknown)
"(?) from my crotch."
(source unknown)

"Superstition, fear and jealousy." (source unknown) (thanks Br0kk|)
"Living Dead Girl"
(drum beat at the very beginning of song) (from the trailer for Last House On The Left) (thanks Shannon)
"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?"
(unknown speaker, but it's from the trailer to the film Lady Frankenstein) (thanks Bill)
"What are you thinking about?" "Same thing you are." (I've heard this was Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon in Bound, but I'm not sure)
"Demonoid Phenomenon"
"Don't lie to yourself; it gave you pleasure."
"Enjoy that dead girl's body."
(both sentences are from one line in Daughters Of Darkness) (thanks Christopher)
"Meet The Creeper"
"The devil is in all of you!" (from Mark Of The Devil) (thanks M ark)
"Are all maniacs worse than one thinks?"
(source unknown)
"What Lurks On Channel X?"
"13 acres of Hell." (edited from the trailer for Last House On The Left) (thanks Shannon)
"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make the following statment.  The young generation, that sick generation..." "Impressionable young people, brutal honesty will be shown on this screen."
(all from the movie The Undertaker And His Pals) (thanks Shannon)
"Return Of The Phantom Stranger"
"She lies there, waiting for sacrifice." (may be from The Satanic Rites Of Dracula) (thanks Shannon)
"The Beginning Of The End"
"Try to remember." (source unknown)
"The Great American Nightmare"
"(?) have sex with the headless body (?)" (source unknown)
"House Of 1000 Corpses"
(obviously, these and the ones below are from House Of 1000 Corpses)
"Everybody Scream"
"Attention boils & ghouls...it's time for Dr. Wolfenstein's Creature Feature!" "Ah, the doctor is in!  Don't scream, don't move.  I'm your host, the ghost host with the most, Dr. Wolfenstein!"
(Gregg Gibbs)
"Run Rabbit Run"

"Fuckin humans, they ain't nothing but running.  They all run like scared little rabbits.  Run rabbit run!  Run rabbit!  Run rabbit run!"
(Bill Moseley)
"Pussy Liquor"
"Gimme a B!  Gimme an A!  Gimme a B!  Gimmy a Y!  What's that spell!  What's that spell!?!?" "Baby?"
(Shari Moon and unknown)
"Yeah, I'm going to get fucked up." "Yeah, I like to get fucked up too!" "Yeah, I bet you do."
(Shari Moon and Joe Dobbs)
"Little Piggy"
(screams) "Shut yer mouth!  I said shut yer fuckin mouth!  Listen, you Malibu middle class Barbie piece of shit, I'm trying to work here!  Work!  You ever work?  Yeah, I'll bet you have - scooping ice cream to your shitheel friends on summer break.  Well I ain't talking about no goddamn white socks with Mickey Mouse on one side and Donald Duck on the other!  I ain't reading no funny books, mama!  Our bodies come and go but this blood...is forever."
(Bill Moseley)
"Brick House 2003"
(sex moans)
"Super Monster Sex Action"
"The word is...necrophilia."
(unknown in Love Me Deadly) (thanks Shannon)
"...uncontrollable passions..."
(trailer for Love Me Deadly) (thanks Shannon)

"Hammer Revelation"
(a bunch of samples on top of each other)
(source unknown)
"Deduced To Overkill"
(Islamic chant)
(liner notes tell us it's copyright Jens. O Haugen)
"Chaos Deathcult"
"The death ritual begins."
(source unknown)
"I am Satan, I am God, I am Lucifer, I am Jesus. I am any god that man has created because man has created the gods."
(liner notes say it's copyright "Fangoria documentary 'Satanism & Witchcraft'")
"(?)...developing the atomic bomb...(?)...destroy...(?)"
(source unknown)
"Two Thousand Years"
"Judeo-Christianity as a whole is in my opinion a very dangerous cult, that has destroyed human potential for two thousand years."
(source unknown)
"Electric Current"
"It is abomination, Hellfire and damnation waiting at the end of (?)"
(source unknown)

"Mental Orgasm"
"I stabbed him, again and again."
"The (?) of human beings."
"Shed blood.  Total war."
"God is dead!"
"War is good, AIDS is good, mass murder is good, gang violence is good, crack cocaine is good.  Anything that contributes to depopulating the earth is good."
"Total Warfare" (Sea Serpent Mix)
"For suicide instructions by credit card, press 2."
"We applaud the decision to bring your useless people and unproductive life to a swift and conclusive end."
"Have a happy day!"
(all are source unknown)
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