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Music by Harry Todd

       Our native culture is slowly receding like our Alaskan glaciers.

Elders' Feet

Time is passing by on Elders' feet

Without their stories we face defeat

In a hundred years or so

Who will tell of what they know

The one who was the village midwife

She has oral records of our life

The ones who know the life style well

They surely have a lot to tell

There are some who know the lore

Of the mask, the tallisman and more

From the Aunty endless stories are unwound

She tells about barabara's, life below the ground

Elder, Elder you have so much to give

About the way our people used to live

Another tells who's buried there

Experience, wisdom they can share

Did you have sod upon the floor

Was there sealskin for you door

Teach us our traditional dance

Our lives forever you enhance

Teach me of the hunting tune

And the mystery of the Loon?

Of the weaving of the grass

And all the things you amass

Tell me how you tanned and sewed the fur

For subsistence life you did endure

Recite the wisdom of the Raven

Disclose the mystery of the shaman

How did they live so long ago

Elder, Elder teach me all you know!

The time will come when we do not meet
 This poem was written during the Alaska
Federation of Natives Conference in October.
While enjoying the native Art and dancing,
I thought of all the things we have not recorded
For the children.



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