Parmesan, Sour Cream and Salmon Bake


oven 350 degrees

This parmesan salmon is the one I take to potlucks and other gatherings and it is always one of the first things to be finished. It looks and tastes gourmet. People always want the recipe and since I made it up I really didnít have one.† It is easy and delicious. I often make this with 1 fillet in white on a large cookie sheet and one in a red sauce and call it my red and white salmon.† †Silver salmon is wonderful this way and it is a moist way to bake red salmon. You can also use just one half of the salmon or try it with halibut.† If you have baking pan liners it keeps your pan clean and no mess to clean later. I buy them at a restaurant supply house by the case which will last for a long time.† They are great for rolling cookies and pie crusts also.† If you donít have a pan liner you could use waxed paper, foil or simply lightly grease the pan.† I list the brands I use because recipes may not be as good if you use other brands and the taste canít be guaranteed by me.

1 salmon filleted with belly bones removed.

1 large package Uncle Danís original dressing mix (if you canít find it try a powdered ranch mix)

Sliced onions



Granulated onion or onion powder

2 cups mayonnaise †

†2 cups sour cream

Italian Parsley chopped fine or if you donít have it use dried parsley flakes

Fresh Parmesan Cheese grated (I buy the large jars at Costco and keep them frozen because it is cheaper).† I mention this because people tell me it molds on them before they use it up.† You can keep it frozen for a very long time in the jar it comes in.)

Mix dressing according to directions for dip (1 cup sour cream to 1 cup Best Foods or Hellmanís mayonnaise preferably.† Do not use salad dressing).† The large package is usually for two batches. Add a generous amount of parsley to the dip.† If you have any dip left you can thin it with milk and use it for salad dressing, you can add blue cheese also or just use the dip for chips. Lay the fillets on a large cookie sheet.† Sprinkle with salt, pepper and granulated onion.† Cover the fillets with a single layer of onion slices. Spread a generous amount of the dip over the onion slices.† The onions and entire top should be covered with sour cream mix. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the entire dip mixture. †Cover with foil and cook until salmon is just done.† I wonít give you the times because salmon range from a few pounds to ten or twelve pounds.† The recipe is for a medium sized salmon or smaller.† If the salmon is large you will need more of everything but you have the basic idea.† When the salmon is just barely done it will be moist and flake easily.† You will not see any translucent color.† Do not over bake as salmon becomes dry.† The trick to great salmon or any seafood is DO NOT OVER COOK.† Turn the broiler on Hi and leave pan in the middle of the oven.† Cook until cheese is light golden brown.† Remove from oven.† Serve or cover with foil and place in refrigerator.† Leave covered to reheat and only heat until very warm.† It is just as good reheated or maybe even better the next day.


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