Aunt Pat's Easy Cheesey Halibut

I had this at my brother-in-lawís house while he was still living. I ended up calling long distance to as for the recipe.  She didnít have quantities but it is simple enough for you to figure out and best of all it only takes about twenty-five minutes. Frozen halibut comes to life with this recipe also.

Halibut cut in chunks

A small amount of oil


Generous amount of chopped onions

Pepper and salt

Yellow cheese grated (such as cheddar)

Small amount of water

Use a heavy skillet that has a lid.† Place a small amount of oil in the skillet so things donít stick.† After oil heats, place halibut in the pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover with onions, spread halibut generously with mayonnaise and let cook for a little while so the halibut is cooked enough on the bottom that it doesnít stick.† Do not turn or stir halibut but leave as it is.†† When this is accomplished add a small amount of water so it can steam but is not cooking in water and cover.† Cook until just about done and cover it with grated cheese.† Replace the lid and cook just a few minutes until cheese is melted.††