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Music by Harry Todd

Kami's Favorite

Contributed by: George Wright

For Barbecue but will work in the over.

1 average sized red salmon filet cut into steak size chunks

1 can frozen without pulp orange juice concentrate

1 juice can full of soy sauce (orange juice) to make amounts equal

Minced fresh garlic to suit your taste

Blend juice, garlic and soy sauce together and marinade for 330-45 minutes. Place on barbecue skin side down. Baste with sauce. Turn over for the last 5 minutes just to sear the top. Serve with rice. If baking baste more often. Use the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until done. This is a real crowd pleaser. Note: Kami's mother, (maiden name Melinda Ivanoff) is both Agrafena's and Chuda's Child. ). Melinda is a descendant of Makari Ivanoff who is buried under St. Nicholas Chapel. Kami loves when her Daddy makes barbecue salmon. George is one of Chuda's Children.

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