©Is the fox watching us or are we watching it? This young fox would sneak from the woods and look at my grandson and I. If we moved the youngster would run for the brush. After about an hour it decided we were not a threat and were not going to come down from the hill to bother it. It almost seemed as if it wanted to show off for us. There were two of them but the second one was very shy and eventually disappeared.  Photos near Anchorage in 1999.  In order to load the photographs faster some quality was lost during compression and conversion.

Fox farming was an important part of the history of the Kenai Peninsula.  Many of the people of Ninilchik farmed foxes to supplement their incomes.  Eventually the prices dropped so low the farming ended.  In 1897 a red fox pelt was worth $1.00 but      Farming probably started around 1910.Black, silver and grey fox were the most desirable types. By the 1920's fox farming was at it's peak.

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