What is a Dacha? It is a summer home in the Russian Countryside. It may be a mansion or again it might be an 8' x 6' primitive log shack.
"Old Timers" in Alaska refer to the continuous forty-eight States as the "Lower 48" or as "Outside" so I invite you to view some of my favorite "Outside" photos.  We also refer to tourists as  "Outsiders." When we take a vacation we say, "I am going Outside."

Christmas in Alaska featuring "Santa's Kitchen"

A poem by Tyshee "Memory In a Bottle"

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Winter in Alaska 1999

A Goosebump Type Animated Story by Lexie

I am Russian, Aleut, Athabascan
and a wee bit Hienz 57. I live in Kenai, Alaska. In case you are wondering what Tyshee means...it is a word used by the Creole people of Ninilchik and means "fish tails hung in the wind and sun to dry". My husband and I are descendants of Efim Rastorguev (Russian Shipwright) and Agrafena Petrovna (Aleut). Efim and Agrafena had four children. Their daughter Mavra married Grigorii Kvasnikoff, Missionary and "Free Settler, " from Kaluga, Russia. They settled in Ninilchik, Alaska and thus we became "Agrafena's Children". So Agrafena's Children are among my favorite things. The first language of Agrafena's Children was Russian. Some of her children still speak Russian today. We still honor our Babushkas, (grandmothers). If you visit Ninilchik you will find a rich Russian influenced Culture. Inside you will find stories, recipes, culture, history and some Russian language. You may be interested in the following article in order to better understand our Alaskan cultures.
Assimilation and Death of a Culture

These five links are not within my pages but they are useful to prospective visitors. Both Ninilchik and Kenai are on the Kenai Peninsula, southwest of Anchorage. The towns are located on Cook Inlet. Our surrounding area is filled with wildlife and wonderful opportunities for Photography.

If you visit the Kenai you will find Athabascan Culture.
Chuda's Country
Chuda's Language
 Chuda's Recipes (most are not meant for you to
prepare but they are presented as historical information
and you might be surprised at what Chuda actually cooked)
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Definitely not my favorite thing, but Babushka and Chuda had them too. Head lice with short story, links, treatment, photos and all you'll ever need to know presented with a humorous and a scientific point of view. Essential information for a world wide epidemic.

Probably the most photographed church in Alaska is in Ninilchik.Many of Agrafena's Children remain Russian Orthodox to this day; therefore, my church is one of my favorite things.any of Agrafena's Children remain Russian Orthodox to this day; therefore, my church is one of my favorite things. Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Church in Ninilchik, Alaska.

Hale Bopp comet shown brightly over the Russian Church in Ninilchik.Photo copyright property of Bill Hutchinson. Check his site for more striking pictures of Hale Bopp Comet and wonderful Alaskan Photography. Comet over Ninilchik church.

Many tourists visity the National Historic Landmark in Kenai, Alaska.Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church Kenai, Alaska. If you visit one of the churches there are some basic questions and answers about the Orthodox you might ask. These were compiled from the most frequently asked questions of the many tourists who visit the site.The Kenai church and it's surrounding buildings are a National Historic Landmark. There are three main buildings and a collection of buildings originally from the surrounding "Old Town Kenai."

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Tyshee's Dacha is Hosting Thanksgiving
and a little sing-a-long too!

"The Little Cranberry Cookbook"

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