Fish Head Chowder


Maggie is talking about a

large amount of chowder so

adjust recipe accordingly.

When the King Salmon are

running the first salmon is

"shared around the town".

The head is immediately turned into chowder. The following is traditional and the way we still prefer to cook our chowder. If you prefer a fish soup eliminate the head and use chunks of King Salmon or Fresh Humpy(Pink) and cook for less time than you would heads. Other fish is not fat enough for chowder. People get fancy today and add White wine and other ingredients. My husbands mother used rutabagas, macaroni And canned tomatoes as well as the listed items. Use your imagination.


Contributed by: Margaret Rucker


1 large King Salmon head,

cleaned and cut up (fresh)


Water to cover

2 cups raw rice

6 medium potatoes cut in chunks

Large bunch fresh washed and

chopped turnip greens

One large coarsely chopped onion

Lots of salt to taste

Boil head about 3/4 of an

hour, and then add other ingredients

except potatoes. Add potatoes

and cook until done. Note: Maggie

(maiden name Margaret Steik) is

one of Agrafena's Children.


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