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Alaskan Photography

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Photograph of the  World famous Kenai River.Kenai River

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Photograph with glaciers in the background.
Notice the Glaciers in the background.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Cook Inlet Region Incorporated
(of which I am a member)

Aleut Heritage

The Russian Church and Native Cultures

Orthodox Church in America: Parishes, Institutions and
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Orthodox Church in America

History of Kenai, Alaska

Kenai, Alaska

Ninilchik Native Descendants
(An Independent Native Association)

Scenery along Turnagin Arm Photograph.Scenery along Turnagain Arm on the drive between Anchorage and the Peninsula. This is famous for sighting whale
pods feeding.
Travelers Guide
Anchorage Museum of History and Art

Kenai Fjords Tours

(Alaska's finest adventure for

seeing glaciers and wildlife,  I recommend
this tour)

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Sea Life Center

Information and Local
Resources Including Local Weather

Peninsula Fishing Derbies Derby

Bell's Travel Guide

Bed and Breakfasts of Ninilchik

Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race

Peninsula Activities

The twin Cities of Kenai and Soldotna are the
are the main cities on the Kenai Peninsula,
approximately 65 air miles south of Anchorage.
Temperatures range from 4 to 22; July temperatures
vary from 46 to 65. Average annual precipitation is
20 inches. Kenai has a National Historic Landmark
The Kenaitze Indians (Dena'ina) have occupied the
Peninsula historically. The City of Kenai was
founded in 1791 as a Russian fur trading post.
The mouth of the world famous Kenai River.
The Mouth of the World Famous Kenai River.
Ninilchik is a village originally settled
by the Russian's married to Aleut Women
and is the only "Creole" recognized
village in Alaska. The language is
traditionally  nineteenth century Russian.
It is located on the  eastern shore of
Cook Inlet,100 miles southeast of Anchorage.
More than likely, the word "Ninilchik"
is originally from the Denaina word
"Niqnilchint." It may be from the
word meaning, "Lodge By the River."
The people of Ninilchik originally
subsisted on hunting, fur trapping,
fishing, clam digging, gardening, cutting
trap poles,farming fox and mink, working
on the CC bridge and road for the
Government, and gold mining. There
were approximately two hundred people
before the highway existed. Some of
the original buildings are still standing.
Many descendants of those early families
still live in the area. There are two
native organizations, Ninilchik Traditional
Council and Ninilchik Native Descendants
in Ninilchik.  Most of the people belong
to CIRI and Ninilchik Native Association also.

An old house found in Ninilchik, Alaska the only Creole village in the entire state.

One of Ninilchik's Original Old Historic Homes
Ninilchik is famous for Saltwater fishing,
freshwater fishing, clam digging, photography,
camping and beachcombing as well as it's historical charm.

Babushka's Country

Babushka's Stories and Poetry
(A cultural Experience)

Babushka's Recipes

Spirit Houses of Ninilchik

Babushka's Language

Babushka's Language Study

Root Cellars

Fish Traps

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