Salted Salmon Perok

Or use meat which is given at the bottom! Fresh salmon substitutes given also. Perok is still used by most of Chuda's and Agrafena's children. Always available for parties,church gatherings, weddings and funerals or just for supper. Fresh, frozen or salted salmon may be used. Very traditional from Russia and adapted by Agrafena's children for use with moose and salmon. In St. Paul and St. George the people use halibut which is plentiful there. In Kodiak the people use red salmon and vegetables. There is no set way to make this so Iwill give approximate directions.

Soak salted salmon until there is just enough salt left for flavor. (If using fresh fish sprinkle with salt and let stand for a few hours).

Make your best flaky piecrust in a large enough amount to make a top and bottom for a square or oblong baking pan. Place bottom of crust in pan.

Cook rice until it is almost one but not dry. Place a layer of rice on the bottomcrust in pan. Place a boned and skinned fish filet over rice to cover it (preferably king). If fillets are overly thick split in half. (Pepper When you have a layer of fish, cover with a layer of onion slices. (At this point some people like to add saute'ed vegetables such as turnips and rutabagas but not common to Ninilchik people. Others add slices of hard-boiled eggs). Sprinkle pepper on onions. Put a little butter dabs on top. Press down slightly. Cover with a layer of rice. Top with Piecrust. Spread canned milk on raw crust. Cut vents and Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. This takes a bit of practice to get where your rice will stay firmly together. You may add a beaten raw egg to rice to help with this problem. Experienced Perok makers usually do not have this problem. Moose meat or hamburger can be made in layers adding a layer of fresh or wild mushrooms over the onions. I enerally mix half-raw hamburger, half-browned hamburger, sautéed onions and ometimes mushrooms along with salt, granulated onion and garlic. I use a bit of poultry seasoning and gently toss the meat and rice together being careful not to use too much rice s this is a meat pie and should hold together. (Some add minced or ground raw bacon which I don't care for). Do not pack tight. I rarely make meat in layers but my mother did, so if you add layers you would pack tighter. You can also use halibut or canned corned beef.

This recipe is not in the cookbook but there are other versions.


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