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Music by Harry Todd

This is a 1997 fall photo of Ninilchik. Picture taken from the hill on the opposite side of the tiny valley.

Ninilchik Stories

And a Few Others

Along with some Poetry

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You will find the music on these pages very old fashioned but it is the music of Ninilchik and sometimes the men of the village still play live music at our gatherings.

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The stories within might not be the way everyone remembers them but the storytellers either related them to me in this manner or as is the case with others it is the way I remember them. Please note that in all folklore one story may be told in as many different versions as there are storytellers. There have been no previous publications of these stories so they are an oral history. Names are not always included in the stories because some of our families might find this practice offensive. If you know a different version of the stories and wish to add to it or submit your own version I will be happy to consider posting it on this site. I would also like your own memories of Ninilchik if you would like to share them for preservation of our heritage. Some of the selections posted here will be included in the Ninilchik Dictionary so please feel free to read them but do not copy or link without contacting me first. This project is being done under a grant and therefore all items are copyrite.

Cultural Poem about why we need to preserve our Heritage

(One of two Published. Elder's Feet is the other published poem. )

"Nobody Not Even Me" poem


Kanashka's Indoor Noosh'nik (outhouse)

Four Short Poems Written In Memory of:

Kenny Kvasnikoff "The Voice"

Ralph Oskolkoff "With Mother"

Ronald Cooper "Something is Missing"

Elizabeth Cooper Hester "The Trollius and the Peony"

 All are Ninilchik Angels

Three Short Stories By an Elder story "The Shoe Garden," "A Squirrel in a Dress," and "Pascha"

"Safety Pins and Fish Hooks" plus a short story "The Big Fish"

Memories of Ninilchik

The Mail Truck tribute to Walt Christiansen"

In the Tradition of Yesterday The Baptism"

My Daughter Zoya's Memories

"A Special Place"

(No I didn't write it. She's a talented writer herself)

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