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Brief History if you want to be brought up to speed a bit

----------Thursday, April 25, 2002----------

The Gloria Record's Street Team has finally commenced, and the Street Team Site has been launched! If you are a devoted TGR fan like myself, by all means join up! They've created a new email address for me at and I'm really excited to get this started!

The only other news is that Krazy Fest is going to be happening early this year (June 21-23) unfortunately. I cannot go. Damn. To anyone who is going, have a blast...lucky! I'd love to see Rocking Horse Winner...and of course Elliott...

----------Wednesday, April 17, 2002----------

CALL THE NEWSPAPER!!! Elliott has FINALLY updated their website!! They've also added a link to my chat and my group! Check it out!!

----------Saturday, April 13, 2002----------

On a sad note, I've just suffered from a little break-up of sorts. But I'm taking it uncharacteristically well. Not too much to say about that really, besides the fact that I'm a fully single girl now...which is not necessarily a bad thing.

And on the brighter side of life, tomorrow we will be launching the new street team site for The Gloria Record! I will add up the URL to this site, and it will be up on the official TGR site too. If anyone is interested in helping us out, be sure to visit the site and sign up! I'm really excited about this, and we will be offering up lots of free loot to the teamers who work hard!

Elliott has a tentative itinerary for their upcoming tour that drummer Kevin Ratterman has posted up in our Elliott Group. Looks like they won't be going anywhere near South Carolina, unfortunately. But maybe I'll be lucky enough to take time off of work and travel to see them. They just don't tour enough for me to pass up any opportunities I might have. Here's what was posted so far:

22-Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
23-Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
24-Buffalo, NY @ TBA
26-New London, CT @ El-N-Gee
27-Boston (Cambridge),MA @ Middle East
28-New York, NY @ Brownies
29-Poughkeepsie, NY @ TBA
31-Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's

June 1-Bound Brook, NJ @ Hamilton Street Cafe
2-Philadelphia, PA @ The First Unitarian Church
4-Washington, DC @ TBA
5-Richmond, VA @ TBA
6-Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
7-Columbus, OH @ TBA
8-Chicago, IL @ The Fireside

Nuclear Saturday has some big news as well. As posted on, Marshall Blonstein, president of Island Records and executive of ABC/Epic Records, has turned his attentions to the band, and Silent Records is negotiating a distribution deal with him. VERY great news for the boys!

Other than that, I am REALLY looking forward to the Jimmy Eat World show in Atlanta next month. I'm probably going to give in to the masses and finally purchase myself a cell phone since I'm supposed to be one of the info. central folks on the trip.

----------Wednesday, March 6, 2002----------

Nuclear Saturday's "A Cinderella Story" is out! I have added a contact link to the Fan Club for those who are interested in purchasing a copy. A fabulous LP, let me tell you! Here is a look at the cover art. What do you think?

The Gloria Record has a new Fan Club of sorts. It's a community for all the fans to get together and discuss TGR to their little hearts' content. The booking agent and a few other say-so's have joined. It's pretty swell!

The band also has a little tour diary that has been maintained by their tour manager, Rich. I spoke with him for a bit at the show I attended in Atlanta...and surprise, surprise...He left me a nice little plug in the February 2nd entry for Atlanta! Guess who the "nice girl" is. That put a nice big smile on my face.

So as you read (if you did), I was interested in working something out for the band. I did discuss some workings of a street team with the necessary people, and hopefully as soon as everything is set up I will be given coordinating duties for the Southeastern region. This would be quite an honor for me!

Last month, a large group of kids from the Jimmy Eat World Message Board planned a big get-together for a week in Tucson. It was planned around the band's performance there so that they could all attend the show. It supposedly worked out well and they all had a ball. I hate that I missed it. Therefore I insisted that the next "convention" be held in Atlanta for Jimmy Eat World's May 18th show with Green Day and Blink 182 for the Pop Disaster tour. Guess what. THEY'RE ALL COMING! I'm talking kids from all over the United States! I am ecstatic! All three of us moderators will be there, including many other boardies we've communicated with. The band was really pleased that everyone came out for the one in Tucson, so they're pretty excited about this one too! SO excited, in fact, that they've decided to help us out and set up a guest list! We're working out the details for a weekend full of fun and a common hotel for everyone to stay at (which MUST include a bar, as they all decided).

Hudson River School has just finished recording some of their new stuff for future release. I was sent two of their new songs yesterday. Wow, they just keep getting better. One of their songs has given me can't-get-enough-of-it-so-I'll-play-it-on-repeat-all-night disease. Amazing. Keep your eyes peeled for a new split release with Pop Unknown due out very soon!

Speaking of Pop Unknown, they have recently come out with a new album entitled "The August Division", released yesterday in stores. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! I have heard one of the songs from it and it is nothing short of incredible!

And in other news...byefornow! ;)

----------Thursday, February 14, 2002----------

Hello again, everyone! I have much to tell! First and foremost, this month has proved to be a very exciting one indeed, what with the two incredible shows I recently attended; One being The Gloria Record on February 2nd, and the other being Jimmy Eat World on Fat Tuesday, February 12th. Regarding both shows...let me just say wow...


I am still trying to come up with justifiable words to use to describe what an overwhelmingly outstanding show The Gloria Record put on before me. It was so much more than I had expected, somehow. They shredded through much of their new material, to my delight, but it was not until keyboard player Ben Houtman began the first chords of “Miserere”, my all-time favorite song, that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I found tears springing to my eyes during the last few frames of such a beautifully played masterpiece (something that I had never experienced at a show before…Ha, I felt like the ultimate emo chick).

Needless to say, I made my way over to speak with the band and compliment them as best as I could on what a beautiful performance they displayed. I had previously exchanged a few words TGR’s booking agency Ex El and some band members, and we had discussed my working on some possible promotions to further the success of the future release of the new EP, “Start Here” (set to make its way out on April 9th on ArenaRock). After having spoken to them and other band members, I went with the suggestion to email Arena Rock to determine what would help them out the most. I have since been contacted and hopefully we will work something out for the near future.

I partook of some of the merchandise they had available at the booth, including a couple TGR koozies and a tee shirt. They also handed me a three-song promo CD with some unreleased stuff on it, one being a song from the new album. Absolutely stunning. It held me at its mercy for the entire five-hour trip back home the next day. They have me jonesing for that album’s release more and more every day.

On Tuesday I left work early and made my way to Atlanta once again for more festivities, accompanied by my two friends Tom B. (of Nuclear Saturday) and Jeannie. Jimmy Eat World was on the bill with Lit and Pete Yorn for a 99x radio production at The Tabernacle, a HUGE church-turned-club in downtown Atlanta. It had two balconies, endless vast spaces that opened up left and right just when you thought you’d seen it all, and something like ten or fifteen bars total. The ONE-restroom ordeal was not very fun at all, as you could imagine! Ha!

So we made it just in time to the club and collected our tickets from the guest list and made our way to the back of the line (which wrapped all the way around the block). Once we got in, we made our way to the third balcony as 99x began interviewing each band on the second balcony. So we decided the second balcony was where it’s at and retraced our steps. After Jimmy Eat World finished with their interview, they made their way over to the side to meet fans. I found my way over and chatted with a few band members before finally meeting up with drummer Zach Lind. We agreed to meet back there after they played their set.

I didn't catch Lit at all. But I was down in the third row for Jimmy Eat close as I could get. Of course I did pay a small sacrifice by getting kicked in the head a couple times by the crowd surfers...I was ready to "accidentally" pour my beer all over the next person who nailed me. Once again, they blew me away with a beautifully-played 45-minute set. It was a very big deal to Atlanta and the radio scene. It was packed to the brim, and they were received very well by many extremely excited fans of all sorts. Most did not seem to know any of the band's old tunes, however they also seemed utterly captivated...particularly by Clarity’s “Goodbye Sky Harbor”. I was VERY pleased to hear that, “For Me This Is Heaven” (my personal favorite), and “If You Don't, Don't”. The band seemed to be enjoying themselves up there, and that's always a pretty necessary factor to playing a great show.

After the set, we met back up with Zach on the second balcony. He led us backstage down a couple flights of stairs and through a couple of hallways to the Jimmy Eat World room. WOW, the backstage area was like a whole other mansion in itself! So we hung out there for the remainder of the show and talked long about many things including the message board, future career plans, etc. It was a fun time! Those guys are some of the sweetest, most sincere figures of fame I have ever met. When it came time for the band to head out, the band led us out to the tour bus so that they could sign a few autographs for my little brother Alex and Jeannie’s friend. The bus was quite impressive! After spending a little bit longer chatting, we finally said our goodbyes and went back to the van to make our way home. What a night!

In other news, the Weezer Tribute Compilation on Dead Droid Records that Elliott’s Chris Higdon took part in has finally been released! The bad news is that they pressed a very limited amount of copies, so it does not look like I will be getting my hands on one. I suppose I will just have to burn my copy. Too bad for me. But I am very interested to hear the covers from some of the other bands, including Mock Orange, Dashboard Confessional, Piebald, and Further Seems Forever.

Hudson River School competed in a state-wide competition for a slot in the South By Southwest showcase in Austin, Texas in March. Sure enough, they won the finals and earned their spot (not to mention the title of #1 band in Utah)!!! I am ecstatic for them, and I am sure they will be approached by some big names! If you get the chance, be sure to congratulate them and wish them luck in the Official HRS Club!

Elliott has finally come to the last stretch of the “hibernation” that is recording. They have finished mixing nearly everything and their album is hoped to be out sometime in mid-May or early June. I cannot wait to hear the finished product that they put so much painstaking effort into creating.

Nuclear Saturday’s new record, “A Cinderella Story”, will be out in a few days! On February 19th, it will be available on Interpunk! For more information, take a look at their website or the Silent Records Website. The video for their new single “Starless” will be available for viewing on the Silent Records Website within the next few days as well, so keep checking back! They have also recently been included on an Airwalk Shoes Compilation for Foot Action stores to be distributed for promotion! Woohoo, go boys!

My buddy Nathan has created Pop Unknown’s New Message Board, and for now I am helping to moderate it. A few band members have joined, and they have also posted the link up to the Official Pop Unknown Site. It was pretty much an overnight success! I am very proud of Nathan for such an exquisite site!

In personal news, as far as my post-surgical days have gone, I have finally begun to gradually regain feeling in my chin and I think that soon enough the nerves will have repaired themselves fully. YAY! I have been working hard to repay my debts to my car and I will soon be finished with that. I think I will be using my tax returns to buy myself a new computer to use once I get to Atlanta. The day is coming very soon, guys. I am becoming more and more aware of this every day, and I am getting very excited to finally leave this town!

That is all for now! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! Although mine was pretty bland, I am sure SOMEBODY out there had a great enough time for the both of us! Until next time!

----------Thursday, January 17, 2002----------

Man, I'm getting worse and worse at this update thing. Hehe. Anyhow, I hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year. I won't spout off TOO much about bands this time, besides a little The Gloria Record update. I am still planning on going to Atlanta for the February show, and I cannot wait. I recently downloaded three of the songs that will be included on the new album coming out because I couldn't help myself. WOO! They are greatness in a can. I got "Ambulance," "Good Morning Providence," and "The Immovable Motorist." I am utterly impressed.

Two days ago I received a package in the mail from Initial Records and I had no clue as to why (or how I received it), since I was never on any mailing list of any sort or anything. So I opened it and saw that they had sent me this year's edition of the mailorder catalog along with a compilation cd! It's great too. So I was flipping through the pages of the catalog and came across a lot of pictures from Krazy Fest. So I gave them all a good look, and when I came to the picture of Elliott on stage, I noticed that they got shots of the backstage people on the side. And there was Tom. BAM! Hehe, it's pretty awesome. I had moved to take some better shots of the band when they got on stage, so that would have been the ONLY time I wasn't standing precisely where that camera lens was aimed. So as you can see I get very easily amused. WOOHOO TOM! I also noticed that some of the pictures in that catalog were ones taken by my buddy Mattia, however it was credited differently in the catalog so I'm not TOO sure. I just thought I had recognized it as his own work.

Two nights ago my sister was attacked by her cat (he clawed a bunch of nice deep gashes in her face) and she was forced to go into plastic surgery within 12 hours of the attack. She insists on keeping him. I hope she doesn't wind up looking like Edward James Almost or something. HA! So I just felt that this should be included in my update.

I saw Lord of the Rings a while back, and boy was I frustrated at the end ("SCREW THIS, I'm not waiting an entire year to find out what happens next!"). I had been told all my life about how great the book was and I always put off getting it...until of course I saw the movie and got pissed off. So the VERY next day I ran and picked up the trilogy. I'm on book 3 now and still enthralled. I've even seen the movie two other times. YIKES! New movie obsession. I also acquired the hots for Orlando Bloom's character, Legolas the Elf and I didn't know why or what it was about him. The actor himself doesn't do it for me. However the character...awwwyeah. I know, I know...silly.

I had my surgery on December 21st, and it went way wrong. I woke up with a sore throat (they had to put a tube down my throat) and of course a very numb mouth. I peeled the blanket off of me to sit up and found that the sleeve of my white hoodie was soaked in blood, and the blood was dripping all over the floor below. It was a scary sight to wake up to. I lifted up the sleeve of my hoodie and saw that the IV had come partially out. DOH!

The doctor told me he had to cut my bottom teeth into fours to remove them from around the nerve that they were wrapped around. He also said that since my jaw is abnormally thin he had to reinforce it with artificial bone so that it had a bit more support during the healing process. He said jaws break easily during that time when they are so thin, and he advised me to stay away from all solid foods for 3 or 4 weeks. That was no fun to endure. Haha! However I was losing weight while everyone else was gaining weight over the holidays (not to mention that I got to experience the fun that is demerol for a week). To this day, I still have no feeling in my chin and lower lip. I go to the surgeon every two weeks so he can poke and prod around on my chin with a sharp intstrument and ask me if I feel any type of sensation at all. He warned me that this could possibly be permanent nerve damage and I may never regain the feeling back again. This was not good news to hear. Oh yeah, I also found out that I have kidney problems. I found this out the same day that I found out about the nerve damage. That was a bad day for me.

That would cover everything up to now. There haven't been TOO many exciting events. Thanks for reading and byefornow!

----------Thursday, December 13, 2001----------

Okay, so I just typed this ENTIRE freaking thing out and my computer froze up before I could save it, so I'm on the verge of tears right now. So here I go...AGAIN!

First off, my good friend Adrian launched the Penfold Message Board about a month ago and opted to use me as a moderator. The band graciously added a link to the board from their Official Website, and two of the band members have registered and begun posting there! Go, Adrian! If you haven't already, I suggest that you go take a look and join up!

Penfold Message Board

If you haven't heard any of Penfold's stuff, you should definitely make a point to do so! They have some mp3's posted up for downloading on their site, not to mention one of the coolest sites ever. And of course, their music is nothing less than amazing. Definitely one of my top five bands!

Penfold Official Website

As for some of my biggest news, Hudson River School has reached a nice big turning point in their existence. For one, their album, "Scenes From A Vinyl Recliner", has just been released as their debut by Braeburn Records, and I am utterly amazed by how well it turned out. You should definitely get your hands on one of these!

Part B of their success story would be the SOLD-OUT SHOW THEY ARE PLAYING WITH JIMMY EAT WORLD on December 19th in Salt Lake City!! We (certain fans, the band, and I) all took part in this quest to get them on the bill with their favorite band. I am so proud of their accomplishments that I can hardly contain myself! Unfortunately I will not be able to make it out for the show, but I presume that this, among other things, will really help them gain much more of the recognition that they so deserve!

They will be putting out a split with Pop Unknown in the near future, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

Speaking of Jimmy Eat World, their new single, "The Middle", has been topping charts all over the world and their video has been appearing in regular rotation on nearly every rock video network in existence! The song has been nominated for awards, and the name "Jimmy Eat World" is rapidly becoming a regular household name!

I have found out that the band will be returning to Atlanta very soon. I am ecstatic to be seeing them perform again! I hope I get the chance to meet some of the people from the message board while I'm there.

The Gloria Record has made an update on their website and announced that they've finally finished recording their new full-length! They added a song list, and with it they've added dates for an upcoming tour!! They will also be hitting up Atlanta (on February 2nd), and I would not miss this show for my life! It will be my first time seeing them perform, and I have to wonder whether I will stay dry-eyed during this show. HAHA!

I have recently received a bit of an update from Elliott, and it looks like they're on the last leg of their recording sessions and the album is tentatively scheduled for release around the month of April. They will be doing extensive touring very soon (probably starting in February) and I pray that I'll get to see them play again. I can't wait until their album release. Also, look for an upcoming Weezer Tribute Compilation, out in the near future, that Chris Higdon's solo rendition of "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" will be included on. It's a beautiful song!

Nuclear Saturday's "A Cinderella Story" will be hitting stores fairly soon as well. February is their target release time. I am sending out autographed promo flyers and sneak peak cd's (with 3 songs from the new album) to the winners of the last promotional contest I held in The Official Nuclear Saturday Club. The album sounds great, and I hope every one of you gets a chance to hear it! Check out Nuclear Saturday's newly-designed website.

Nuclear Saturday Official Website

Punk Rock Reviews did an interview with Tom Bruno, the drummer, recently. I sat in. It was lots o' fun. Daniel, the interviewer (and friend), has an amazing way with words. I'm very impressed with the turnout! Go check it out!

Nuclear Saturday Interview

As for me, I am pretty excited about all the latest upcoming events, obviously. Other than that, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed next week and that is going to be no fun at all, especially since a lot of the payment is coming directly out of my pocket and I may be in too much pain to eat Christmas dinner...instead I may have to drink it. Ugh.

I'm still working very hard at saving up the money to pay my debts and leave this Godforsaken town for Atlanta. It's taking longer than I thought it would, and with these upcoming dental/medical bills that never seem to end (and a car service payment...yes, already having to get my car serviced...blah) I wonder when I will actually be free to save any money I make. But it will day...far, far away from will happen...and that will be one of the happiest days of my life.

So yeah, that's about it for now. Thanks for reading! Have a great Christmas, everyone! I hope you get everything you wanted! Byefornow!

----------Wednesday, November 7, 2001----------

So I really suck, I know. I haven't left an entry in nearly two months. But a lot has been going on and I've been insanely busy. Let me tell you about it.

First off, Nuclear Saturday's new website has finally be launched! Even though it's only in its construction stage, it's still something I'd gladly brag about. Marc, their guitarist, is mastering it, and the new mailing list is finally taking shape with some 3000 members already! Their new album, A Cinderella Story, is set to take off into stores in February, and I've run a promotional contest in the club to win some autographed posters with images from the new album and a "sneak peak" CD with a few songs from their new album on it. The new songs are sounding incredible and I can't wait until this album gets out for the world to hear! If you haven't heard any Nuclear Saturday yet, head over to their site and check out a few of their songs! And if you haven't joined the Nuclear Saturday Club for all the exclusive goodies, what are you waiting for? Click on that link and join us!

Hudson River School's new album, Scenes From a Vinyl Recliner, is set to appear in stores on November 20th, and I can't wait! I've been working with their club members to get the word out, and Spencer, their webmaster/guitarist, created a Banner Page for an array of banners to choose from to post up wherever possible. You all should check it out and play! If you still haven't heard Hudson River School, give them a listen at their webpage and at the new Braeburn Records Site. It's great stuff!

Elliott is still working on their upcoming EP, and as Kevin Ratterman, the drummer, told the chat last week, all that needs to be recorded now is the vocals. Then all they need is to get this baby mixed and mastered. And it's been promised...we WILL see an album the not-so-distant future...Hehe.

As for my news, well, last week I was made Jimmy Eat World's Official Message Board Co-Moderator! I'm really excited to have accepted this opportunity because it will be a big bonus on my resume, and to top if off, I get to help out one of my favorite bands of all time! So I'm really enjoying this!

As dorky as this may sound, a tightly-woven community on the web has decided to put together a meeting in California to take place in March. This is notoriously being called the "Kyle Board Convention" and since I need to make my way to California to visit anyhow (and I have two friends who are planning on going with me and ALSO take part in topics on this board), I believe I'll be stopping by to join in this fun. It will be great to meet all these incredibly interesting/fun people I have been talking to for so long, and I will finally get to see California for my first time. It might be the future residing scene for me (probably several years from now), so it's perfectly necessary. So yay!

My other news is that I got a car about a month ago, and it rocks. It's used, but it's great because it's a 1996 Beretta...pure rock n roll. Just felt that this tidbit needed to be in here. So there. And I believe that would about cover all the news I have for this entry. I hope you enjoyed reading because I certainly did not enjoy typing it all out. Ha! Anyways, until next time...

----------Sunday, September 16, 2001----------

Okay, so as soon as I lay down a whole bunch of news, I get hit with more...Jimmy Eat World has cancelled their performance for next weekend because Zach Lind's wife is about to give birth to their first baby, Ava. I am very happy for them. However, for my own selfish reasons, I'm really down and out. I was really looking forward to this show. Oh well. Shit happens, life's a bitch, and bitches ain't shit. Heh. I recently came up with use of that trilogy of cliches together as one even though it makes no sense...It's funny, BECAUSE it makes no sense, therefore making me feel better. I recommend you try it out next time you're feeling down. Now that you all think I'm nuts, I'll move on to the next order of business...

Right...there isn't anymore. Heh. Pre-congratulations to Zach and his wife. And poo on Lacie because she always has bad luck when it comes to seeing Jimmy Eat World live. Man...

----------Saturday, September 15, 2001----------

What a rough time for us all. I can't even turn on my TV. I decided to turn it off for a good while to save my sanity and dry my eyes for a while. I watched it all for a good two days straight. My heart goes out to all of the victims, the families/friends/loved ones, and you all as well. I hope we all come out of this stronger than before. My prayers remain with everyone as well, especially with the ones who felt so corrupted to do such a terrible thing. They will surely need lots of prayers. God be with them. I hope you all can get out and do what you can...other than that, we have no other choice but to go on. I'm trying to keep my chin up and live on. Pain is not an easy thing, as I've come to learn over the takes lots of time to heal, and within that given time, we will all be okay.

On the upside, I recently got a kitten, and he's the cutest ever. We decided on a name for him, and I do think it's the best name ever. We decided to name him after the punk rock legend himself, Milo Aukerman! Yes, my kitten is VERY punk rock. So there. It's perfect. He's black with very faint white markings on his face and head, white paws, and a white underside. He's the cutest thing in the of the cutest things in the world. He and my other cat Melvin spoon each other every night and it's the a matter of fact, here's a few pictures of them to cheer you all up (click the thumbnails to see the full-sized pics).

I'll be on my way to see Jimmy Eat World along with a bunch of others in Atlanta this coming weekend at the 99x Big Day Out Fest with my best friend Tom! I was offered first option to win two will call tickets from Jimmy Eat World! Wow, what a deal! So some local bands I know of from Atlanta are playing the local stage, Tenacious D is going to play, and unfortunately I'll have to miss Coldplay...they play RIGHT before Jimmy Eat World and since I'm pretty much desperate to get to the front of the stage, I'll have to spend that time waiting at the Living Loud stage waiting for J.E.W. Oh well...It's a shame. But I'll be back with a review of the weekend for you! This time I'll be sure to bring my camera and document it properly!

Hudson River School has been booked to play a show with Dashboard Confessional in Salt Lake City! Considering the fact that it's right around the time they will be releasing their album (they started recording on Thursday), if they have it out in time, they just might make that out to be their release show! I wish I could go! All you West Coast people are lucky as hell in my book!

I am working on collecting a new project...I'm not sure if it's a definite, but I may start doing some promotion work for Pop Unknown. So keep checking back, and hopefully I'll have something up for them soon! As many of you already know, these guys have really made it well for themselves! They've come out with some really great stuff too! If any of you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to!!!

I recently went to see the movie Rockstar. Wow, what an incredible movie! I didn't think Mark Wahlberg could pull off such a great big-hair rocker character! You all should really check out this movie, it's worth a shot in the theaters!

Elliott is still working dilligently on recording their EP in NonLinear Studios in Kentucky. Chris Higdon's solo track will be out on the Weezer Tribute compilation hopefully pretty soon. I have heard it already, and it's really beautiful! I can't wait to hear the rest of the compilation! They have no release date set for their EP yet, but they've been making progress, and hopefully it will be soon!

I know this was a good while ago, but about a month ago Nuclear Saturday played a short mini-tour on the West Coast, starting in Idaho, where their label Silent Records is based out of. The show they played there was, VERY ironically, the SAME SHOW that Hudson River School played!!! I did not even make the connection until Steve Babcock, HRS's bassist, told me after they got back from the show! They all got to meet Tom and them, and I about fell out of my chair when I heard this!!! It was just as much of a shock to the two bands as well. Amazing. Two bands I promote from opposite ends of the nation just so happened to be on the same bill. I still haven't gotten over it.

----------Tuesday, August 14, 2001----------

Jimmy Eat World was on Craig Kilborn's Late Late Show last night! I made sure to tape it. I was ecstatic to see them on national T.V. They are doing so well for themselves, it's even hard for me to keep up with their success!!

Anyways, I just created the new Official Hudson River School Mailing List and Group today! If you haven't joined yet, well then GIT! DO IT!

Join Hudson River School's
Official Mailing List and Group!

----------Saturday, August 4, 2001----------

I have had an amazing past week!! Actually, it started on July 22nd, when I got to see Nuclear Saturday perform live at the Blue Nite on Hilton Head Island. They did a great job! Well, the lead guitar could've been turned up a bit more, but nonetheless, it was a great night! I got to see lots of old friends whom I haven't seen in years, it was so good to see them! I got a few pictures of the performance and the band, but it wasn't with my camera, and I have to wait for that person to get the pics back before I post any. However, I CAN leave you with this little ditty here of Marc and Tom in Tom's kitchen in Atlanta:

I told them to act natural for what was supposed to be a candid picture...but never tell Marc McClusky to act natural. Ha!

On July 24th, Bleed American came out! That was the same day that I took the Greyhound (ugh) to Atlanta to begin my trip! That morning I stopped in a little bookstore/record store, by no means expecting to find Bleed American. But I was desperate to get my hands on it. And guess what...BAM! ONE COPY! Right there in the New Release section!! YESSS!! I hopped over to the front counter and made my purchase, and I must say it was one of the best things I have bought in a long time. I think Bleed American is starting to come in competition with Clarity, my all time favorite Jimmy Eat World album! It's absolutely incredible! If you all want to hear the final cut all the way through, check out the Virtual Listening Party that they have set up for us! But I still recommend going out and buying this amazing album! I listened to it the whole 8 hours on the bus to Atlanta! Wow! It brought tears to my eyes every time through, believe it or not! I cannot get it out of my system. This one will not be leaving my cd player for a very long time!

On July 25th, I made my way out to Warped Tour at the Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre. I had one extra ticket that I planned on just selling or something, since Tom couldn't go. I was going to meet Jason (singer of Nuclear Saturday) and some other people out there at a certain time. I walked over to the gate and suddenly realized that I had left both my tickets in Tom's car!! GRRRR!! So therefore I had to buy yet another one! So in all, I spent $75 on ONE admittance. Awful...but totally worth it. I had brought my Bleed American CD insert with me to possibly get autographed by the band members I was so hoping to finally get to meet. This was my first time seeing Jimmy Eat World live. Within the last six years of my undying devotion to this band, I have been getting screwed out of seeing them every time for some reason or another. So this was a very important event! I saw lots of other bands including Fenix TX, The Ataris, Morgan Heritage, AFI, H2O, Sum 41, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Less Than Jake, the Bouncing Souls, the Vandals, Rancid, and Pennywise. AFI, H2O, and the Vandals did incredible jobs. I even thought the Ataris did a good job, and I, for some reason, didn't think they would.

At around 2:00 pm, the sky decided to fall on us. Not lightly either. It poured for an hour straight. There were giant LAKES all around the lot, and there was no getting around them. So we all got soaked, and we had to walk around with wet clothes and the *squish squash* in our shoes all day...not to mention that my cd insert got soggy and wet...poor me.

So as I was wandering around, I walked right past a very familiar face...and did a triple take. Tom Linton (guitarist) walked by. It was like seeing an old friend or familiar...yet surreal in a way, after having seen his face all over the internet and even magazines countless times. I found him setting up the J.E.W. booth a half hour before they went on, and I bought a couple J.E.W. shirts and finally introduced myself. It was so pathetically cute how I handed him my raggedy, wet cd insert to be autographed, and I'm sure I probably looked just as pathetic with puppy dog eyes all the while. Ha!

So 7:00 pm rolled around and I had made my way to the stage to get a good no avail. 311 was coming on in an hour and people had already made it to the stage just to be up front for them. So many 311 fans were standing in front of me asking who was coming on next, and I actually found myself getting angry about it. It's silly, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to be up front. I was about 10 rows back, and I only saw two other noticeable J.E.W. fans around me. The three of us belted out lyrics and danced to our little hearts' content...making occasional acknowledging glances towards each other during the set.

So back to 7:00, the band set up and began. "We are Jimmy Eat World, and we are a professional rock band," were the first words that came out of Jim's mouth. He then informed the crowd that their instruments never arrived in Atlanta, so they had to borrow instruments from another band. They began their set with the radio-acclaimed "Bleed American" and went on to play some other songs from that album, as well as a few older ones. They ended their set with "Sweetness", a pretty common favorite among fans. I had noticed Zach scoping the crowd for the hardup fans, or so it seemed. He had flashed me and the other two fans some pretty big smiles. Good for him, I was glad he noticed.

After they left the stage, I immediately made my way to the booth and met some of the other J.E.W. fans, hoping to find some of the ones I had spoken to online about going to that very show. I never did find them, but I got to meet some really nice people who shared the same passion for J.E.W. In the meantime, I was still trying to catch my breath and my ability to speak coherently. J.E.W. had blown my socks off and stolen my eyes from my sockets. My goodness...I had never known just how incredible it could be. The rain, the extreme heat, the elements, even the $75 had suddenly become the smallest token to pay for what I had coming. Not only did I get to see one of my long-time favorite bands perform for the first time after six years of waiting and trying, but at 8:00 pm, the whole band came to the booth to meet fans and sign autographs.

I brought my sopping-wet insert over to them and tapped Zach Lind on the shoulder first and introduced myself as a fellow street-teamer. The entire band had reacted the same way, with "Wow, really? Great to meet you, thank you so much for all your help! How far did you come to see us?", etc. They were very grateful and very sincere, and I was surprised that Zach had remembered my name from previous chats online. I spent about 20 or 30 minutes talking to them in all. When I spoke to Jim, what meant to come out as, "You all performed better than any band I have ever seen, and as a matter of fact (especially considering that you all didn't even have the comfort of using your own instruments), I didn't think it was possible to put on such a perfect performance, and I'm just awestruck," came out instead as, "You all did way better than I thought you'd do." HAH! He said, "Thank you...I guess." I'm sure he came to understand what I meant before long. I did nothing but rant and rave. Each one of them autographed my insert for me, and I really wish I had taken in my camera with me to get some shots. I thought it would get confiscated if I brought it. Damn. Oh well, there's always a next time...if I don't get screwed out of it again, ha! But nevertheless, it would be a gigantic understatement if I told you I left that amphitheatre a very happy girl.

On Friday the 27th, Tom and I made our way to the famous Elliott Warehouse in Louisville, KY for Krazy Fest. What an amazing weekend that was. We met up with Chris Higdon at 4:00 pm at his house and made our way down to the Historic Water Tower where the fest took place. That night Chris introduced us to some more people and we all went out to dinner at this nice restaurant...can't recall the name. We met up with Kevin Ratterman and some other friends there and then went back to the house to rest up for the next day.

Anyways, of the whole, Elliott's performance was certainly not put to shame by Jimmy Eat World's. They are at stiff competition in my book. Amazing. Wow. And among the other bands, the following also put on some pretty great shows: Avail (got to meet Tim finally), Hot Water Music (exceptionally incredible as always), Small Brown Bike, Story So Far, Boy Sets Fire (hadn't seen them since '95, they blew the stage away), Dillinger Escape Plan (complete with a pyrotechnics guy, fire-breathing, and fireworks), Ensign, Stretch Armstrong (saw them earlier at a record store as well as at the fest, both shows were awesome, hadn't seen them since '98), The Hope Conspiracy, American Nightmare (very intense), Further Seems Forever (met some of them, very nice guys), The White Octave, The Jazz June, Hey Mercedes, Hot Rod Circuit, Dashboard Confessional (ha, lots of chicks think they're in love with that guy...I met him later on and there was a line of little girls with posters and markers in their hands and stars in their eyes, emitting love-stricken sighs, very funny...he's a nice guy though), and Alkaline Trio (wow).

Anyways, the rest of the weekend is documented complete with pictures on a separate page I set up, so if you want to read the review, Click Here.

P.S...Here's a new Hudson River School pic that I fixed up. I thought I'd show you. Aren't they the cutest?

----------Sunday, July 15, 2001----------

Nine days until I take my trip to Atlanta to see Warped Tour and then to Louisville to see Krazy Fest!! I can't wait! I'll come back with a ton of new pictures to show you all! Woohoo!

Recently I returned from a trip to Virginia, and it was incredible. I got to go to my hometown (Roanoke, VA) and see all my old friends. That place is truly one of the greatest cities ever in my opinion. As a matter of fact, most of those flyers posted up in the Band Link Archive are of past Roanoke shows. It used to have a great little scene there. It's not as great anymore, but the people are still very sincere! I got in touch with a lot of friends I was convinced I'd never see again. It really made my year!

I accepted a management position for a graphics company here in town about three weeks ago. I think it really turned out to be something other than what I was expecting. All the fun and impressive jobs get sent elsewhere to be handled. I get to do most of the simple stuff like copying and such. Oh well, it's money, right? Actually, I work next to a music store, so that's a plus. I have gotten to meet some of the employees and others who go there, and they all seem super nice. I enjoy talking music with them. There are lots of things I can learn from them, so that works out.

I have a new project coming up soon. I have discovered a new band from Salt Lake City, called Hudson River School, and I must say, WOW! To be a band that has just formed only a short eight months ago, they are absolutely incredible! They have a bit of an indie feel to them, and they've gotten in with a lot of other big names. I'll be working with them to produce a club and perhaps a mailing list within a few weeks probably. Really nice boys, pretty easy on the eyes too! They will make it far, I have no doubt about that. They certainly have the ambition, the encouragement, and the talent. You will be hearing a lot more about these guys within the next few years, I am pretty certain. In the meantime, be sure to check them out at the Official HRS Homepage. You won't regret it!

Elliott is working on a new album, and they will begin recording this week in their studio. I am very excited to hear some of their new stuff when I go visit. And the singer, Chris Higdon, has recently finished laying down vocal tracks for a Weezer cover to be included in a Weezer Tribute album, being released in the near future. I can't wait to hear that either. Two of the Elliott guys have been very interactive with fans since the kickoff of the Elliott Chat. They have been very cooperative and it's been an honor to host such a successful event. Hopefully that will continue on for a good while.

Nuclear Saturday has recently finished recording for their new album, "A Cinderella Story", hopefully to be released in the Fall. They will be playing a show here on Hilton Head Island (Tom's and Mark's hometown) at the Blue Nite on July 22nd, and I will be there with bells on! I can't wait because I haven't seen "my boys" perform in a long time! I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them up! Their site has been down for quite a while, due to some unknown difficulties. I suppose it was useless to link it above, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. I'll be crossing my fingers. Since they signed with Silent Records, I'm hoping that they will have a whole new site to launch sometime in the near future! That would be pretty kickass! There's been some mentioning of it, but no definite expectancies or dates yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jimmy Eat World's record company, Dreamworks, has come out with an Electronic Press Kit to help promote the band, and I must say, it's really informative, and a real treat! It's approximately 12 minutes long, and definitely worth a look! It's got all sorts of interview/live footage, including snippets from the final versions of some of the songs on their new upcoming album, Bleed American (due out on July 24th)! I'm a bit late at mentioning this EPK, but better late than never, right? So here is the link, go check it out:



----------Saturday, June 23, 2001----------

Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American" has made it to number one in the most requested song charts in Australia!!! This is incredible news!!! Click Here To Read On. The other great news is that not only is Jimmy Eat World's new "Bleed American" video being aired on M2 now, but I have been informed that it was seen being aired on MTV today!!! YESSSS!! I'm so proud of them! You can see this video via internet if you haven't seen it yet:

Bleed American Video!
Download RealPlayer HERE

Oh, and one more thing: Yesterday I got my "Bleed American" cd single in the mail!! It's a pretty exclusive release, so I'm really excited about it! It came in a white sleeve with the Jimmy Eat World logo stamped on it twice. The cd sports the logo too, and then the title of the song and the website address is printed underneath. Nothing new. It's just the final version of the song as heard on the radio, but the fact that it's rare makes me all proud and stuff. Hehe. WOOHOO!!! Sorry, I know most of you don't care about this as much as I do. I just needed to let all of the excitement out!

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