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l How do I take a LESSON?

  • Click on the Lessons  link and then choose a lesson to review.

  • Remember to sign in only once on the Register  link, which creates a record of your lessons. It is confidential and for academy purposes only and will not be used for anything else.

l How do I complete the EXAM?

  • Go to the Lessons page and follow the instructions.

  • Take the exam, enter your name and email, then click on the "Submit" button.

  • You will be able to review the results and some explanations after you click the submit button.

  •  You will receive an AAHS confirmation E-mail in 24 hours.  You may review the lessons and re-take the exam.

l How long does it take to get a lesson verification or certificate?

  • Certificates will be by an official AAHS - post mail letter.

  • Urgent and rush orders are NOT available, It takes as long as it takes.

l Do I have to post mail anything?

  • No

Can I e-mail questions?

  • Sure, No urgent e-mail's; please.  Please keep E-mail’s to a minimum.

  • Avoid asking for explanations of educational topics, use your own resources and AAHS links.

  • Appropriate questions include administrative information and suggestions.

FAQ's - Other

What do I get?

  • You get to be a quality practitioner.

  • You get approved credits for state licensing if needed.

  • You get an organized method of study in the field or preparation for the credential boards.

  • You get a certificate of completion when the program modules or lessons are finished and the exams are graded.

What is expected of me?

  • You are expected to complete your review of the lesson.

  • You are expected to research and read other articles, use reference textbooks, look up unknown topics or terminology by using the internet, library or practicing/working at a health care site. (Links are usually not included in text lessons, with a few exceptions on stable web sites. Links are made to be broken!)

  • You are expected to take an exam

  • You are expected to mail "for credit" appropriate documentation and applicable fees.

  • You are expected to be computer literate especially with file storage and the internet.

  • You are expected to keep E-mail to a minimum - response time may be 24 hours or greater.

  • You are expected to adjust your LCD screens - due to small print displays. Although you can use any computer, anywhere?

What are the pre-requisites?
Prerequisite suggestions for success

  • English language literate.

  • Possess technical reading and writing abilities.

  • Average or above math skills; especially algebra, geometry and preferably trigonometry.

  • Science oriented; bioscience, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology.

  • Knowledge or familiarity with medical terminology, health care, and infection control.

  • Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) – Certified.

  • The academy is by no means comprehensive to a particular field.

  • The academy requires clinical practice and study above and beyond the structured lessons.

What’s in the future for the Academy?

  • Additional modules in various disciplines

  • Board of review work books and study guides

  • Academy paraphernalia

Is it really free?

  • The lessons are free

  • The examinations are free

  • The links are free

  • The references are free

  • The knowledge is free

How are these lessons structured?

  • Teaching method - System – M.L.S.T. - original work, copyrighted structure

  • Program = Modules, Lessons, Subjects and Topics.

  • For more on the teaching method see the "About" link on the Home Page of AAHS.

Our Philosophy

To provide quality education thereby enhancing the knowledge and skills of health practitioners.

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