Chibi Chibi's Pool
The Green House
Chibi Chibi is the most kawaii character in all the series. She is mischevious, sweet, playful. But her story has become very confusing for all the people. Chibi and Galaxia That is why Sailor Cosmos, Galaxia and her reunited near the pool, at the greenhouse, to tell their story, so you could understand whats behind those cute cherry red heads.
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Jumps in the pool Usagi and Chibi Chibi soaked by Mina

chibi with lifesaver
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  • Kawaii! Usagi and donut!
  • Kawaii! Doll and worries!
  • Fun at the pool! Bathing suit special
  • Light of Hope
  • Smile, scream and doubt!
  • Umbrellas and incense burners
  • Smile close up
  • Eyes wide open
  • Chibi Chibi powers up Moon
  • Mischevious
  • Odango attack!

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