Kakyuu hime's Drawing Room

I invite you to have a tete a tete with me
and I will share my story with you.
Visit my galleries and learn about my home planet.

Tea with lemon will offer you the information you want to know about me. New Read carefully researched data about Kinmokusei, Kakyuu's and Starlight's home planet.

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Tea with lemon
Read about my story in the anime
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    Read about Kakyuu in the manga
  • Manga
    What does the name of Kakyuu hime's home planet really means?
  • Kinmokusei
    Tea with milk
  • Drawings' room
  • The olive fire flower
  • Royal Flush
  • Kakyuu 1
    Kakyuu attacks

    "In the name of hope and love,
    darkness will never reign over light.
    I will forever protect the cosmos from evil,
    so that even the darkest of hearts
    shall not overcome the
    Eternal Guardians of Justice!"

    Sailor Kakyuu


    (STORY AND PICS) Nyanko and Mamoru The Shrine of Princess Fireball!
    (PICS) Princess Kakyuu Shrine! , Sailor Moon Galaxy

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