Mako's kitchen
Hi, welcomed to my kitchen. As you know, the thing I like the most is cooking and remebering my sempai (student in an upper grade). I want to share with you my favorite recipes, cooking tips, and if you want some advice, mail me.
The oven Visit my section, were you can look at some pics related to food and cooking. I also have my own photo album.
I have to teach Usagi and Mina how to cook, so I will leave you with Usagi's mom, Ikuko.
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    Konnichi wa, Ikuko desu! (Good afternoon, I am Ikuko)
    I found Mako-chan trying to teach Usagi-chan and Mina-chan how to cook. I saw her so occupied, that I decided to help. You can visit the recipe's book and ask for more new ones. I have my own gallery. Please, come in and look at it. Mako added a few photos of the day she taught Usagi how to cook curry so she could help Chibiusa in her Curry Party at school. Everything went nicely at the end. You can turn on the TV and watch Mako's show as you bake with me.
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