Rei's attic
Deep down, behind the light of the candle, in this attic lie ancient secrets of my ancestors, welcomed to my attic, I'm Rei Hino, Princess Mars... Rei
Crystal ball

Come, I'll red you your love fortune. Or would you prefer a love and luck charm? You must know I am a shinto priestess, even though in the anime I dream to be something else. But do you know what shinto exactly is? Let me explain. Last, look at my favorite images (I look fantastic).

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  • The sight of the fire raven
  • Magic charms
  • Astrological Love Predictions
  • Rei's old trunks
    Rei as a gipsy Actually, I hate this job! My grandpa made me do it. I'll better share with you something I really like. My fun photo's albums, which I have somewhere between all these old things here.
    There! I found them.
    And last, as I always like to speak my mind, I made a little space for you to do it too. Feel free to post your flames, rants and controversial opinions on everything Sailor Moon related. New I got a job modeling for a wedding cathalog! (Of course, my friends sort of "got" it too ^^;) Admire the beautiful pictures of me posing as a bride.
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  • Rei's Wedding Cathalog 1
  • Rei's Wedding Cathalog 2
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