Setsuna's Lab
Setsuna an intelligent and reserved woman, is fond of science. She studies physics in the manga, and is very dedicated to her mission.
As senshi (warrior) of Time, change and dead, her comprehension of things gives a tint of equilibrium and wisdom to her. She has decided to contribute helping you understand the Sailor Moon story.
Setsuna 1 Polls! Through polls, Setsuna's boyfriend's profile has been being created with your help: A caring doctor, sensible and with an attitude.
328 people voted to decide his name, Ikkai, Ten (One revolution) was chosen with 35% of the votes. Decide now his hair color!
For fun, read our 60 ways to know if you are Setsuna obsessed, or visit our galleries.
You can also take a look at small group research work by Ami, Setsuna and Hotaru on Japanese astronomy.

In order to comprehend some of the "contradictions" and complex details on Sailor Moon, is necessary to understand Japanese culture.
Visit along with Setsuna her experiments, to find a short explanation on the subject. New: Setsuna explains the 3 talismans!

Setsuna 2
  • Time Gate
  • Japanese Astronomy
  • Japanese Creation Myths
  • The 3 talismans

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